lyricist:Charles Singleton (composer/lyricist)
Eddie Snyder
composer:Bert Kaempfert (German orchestra leader, producer and songwriter)
publisher:Carlin Music Corporation
Columbia Music (Publisher. Do not use as a release label.)
Screen Gems–EMI Music, Inc. (USA, affiliated with BMI)
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later translated versions:Blue Spanish Eyes (Dutch version)
version of:Moon Over Naples


1973-11Spanish Eyes (Recorded Early November 1973, at Sam Thompson's House, Memphis)coverElvis Presley4:07
1973-12-16Spanish EyescoverElvis Presley2:25
1974-01-27Spanish Eyescover and liveElvis Presley3:20
1974-05-19Spanish Eyescover and liveElvis Presley3:43
1974-08-24Spanish Eyescover and liveElvis Presley3:26
1977Spanish EyesBing Crosby2:58
1978Spanish EyesFischer Chöre3:07
1990Spanish Eyescover, live and medleyEngelbert Humperdinck2:02
1995Spanish EyesinstrumentalLaura Anne Bossert, Charles Castleman, Terry King, Mario Ortiz2:32
Blue Spanish Eyes[unknown]3:45
Blue Spanish EyescoverElvis Presley2:25
Hit Medley: This Is My Song / More / Mary in the Morning / I Love You Because / Volare/ Spanish Eyeslive and medleyAl Martino12:15
Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes)coverAl Martino2:43
Moon Over Naples (Spanish Eyes)Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra2:37
Ojos De Espana (Spanish Eyes)coverThe Sandpipers3:38
Spanish EyescoverEngelbert Humperdinck3:14
Spanish EyesMatt Monro2:22
Spanish Eyes (live, 1974-04-22: Royal Albert Hall, London, England)Bert Kaempfert3:18
Spanish Eyes (stereo)coverThe Baja Marimba Band2:59
Spanish Eyes (mono)coverThe Baja Marimba Band2:59
Spanish EyescoverRay Conniff2:31
Spanish EyescoverRoland Kaiser3:01
Spanish EyesAl Martino2:31
Spanish EyescoverWillie Nelson feat. Julio Iglesias3:36
Spanish EyescoverFaith No More2:59
Spanish Eyescover and instrumentalRaymi Bambú3:07
Spanish EyescoverRoger Whittaker3:51
Spanish EyesBert Kaempfert?:??
Spanish EyescoverThe Hit Crew2:54
Spanish EyesAl Martino?:??
Spanish EyesBouke2:39
Spanish EyesinstrumentalCity of Westminster String Band?:??
Spanish EyesAl Martino2:45
Spanish EyescoverElvis Presley3:20
Spanish EyescoverElvis Presley2:24
Spanish EyescoverElvis Presley2:25
Spanish EyesElvis Presley2:25
Spanish EyesAl Martino2:50
Spanish EyesAl Martino2:30
Spanish EyescoverAl Martino2:47
Spanish EyesinstrumentalAlberto Mendez and His Orchestra2:53
Spanish EyesAl Martino2:38
Spanish EyesAl Martino4:00
Spanish EyesAl Martino4:01
Spanish EyescoverJulio Iglesias & Willie Nelson?:??
Spanish EyescoverWillie Nelson & Julio Iglesias3:35
Spanish EyesEngelbert Humperdinck3:09
Spanish EyesAl Martino2:47
Spanish Eyescover and instrumentalThe Hill/Wiltschinsky Guitar Duo2:56
Spanish EyescoverElvis Presley3:20
Spanish EyescoverElvis Presley3:23
Spanish EyesMatt Monro2:23
Spanish Eyescover and instrumentalJoaquim Sanchez & Pipes of the Enamorates3:09
Spanish Eyescover and instrumentalHank Snow2:47
Spanish EyesJon Secada4:27
Spanish EyescoverBryn Yemm & Ann Yemm?:??
Spanish EyescoverGiovanni Marradi3:27
Spanish EyesinstrumentalLiberace2:42
Spanish EyesBilly Strange2:45
Spanish EyesPlácido Domingo3:11
Spanish EyesPlácido Domingo3:07
Spanish EyescoverEngelbert Humperdinck with Il Divo2:59
Spanish EyesBert Kaempfert & His Orchestra feat. Sylvia Vrethammar2:27
Spanish EyesinstrumentalPepe Jaramillo and His Latin America Rhythm2:44
Spanish EyesBilly Vaughn2:22
Spanish EyesAl Martino?:??
Spanish EyescoverAlberto Mendez and His Orchestra?:??
Spanish Eyescover and instrumental[unknown]3:09
Spanish EyesAndy Williams2:59
Spanish Eyescover[unknown]2:52
Spanish EyesRay Anthony2:56
Spanish EyesBert Kaempfert2:45
Spanish EyesBert Kaempfert2:35
Spanish EyesRoger Williams3:57
Spanish Eyes (live)liveAl Martino2:37
Spanish EyescoverRay Price?:??
Spanish Eyes - Take 3coverElvis Presley1:14
Spanish Eyes - Take 4 (Undubbed Master)coverElvis Presley2:23
Spanish Eyes - Takes 1, 2coverElvis Presley3:16
Spanish Eyes (instrumental)cover and instrumentalHank Snow2:47
Spanish Eyes (live)cover and liveWillie Nelson3:26
Spanish Eyes (Moon Over Naples)Bert Kaempfert2:39
Spanish Eyes (take 2)coverElvis Presley2:34