lyricist:Fred Schneider
composer:Henry Mancini (US composer, conductor & arranger)
Kate Pierson
Fred Schneider
Keith Strickland
Cindy Wilson
Ricky Wilson (The B‐52’s)
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Wikidata:Q17145776 [info]


1978Planet Claire (live, 1978)liveThe B‐52s4:14
1978 – 1979-06Planet ClaireThe B‐52’s4:36
1979-10-06Planet Claire (live, 1979‐10‐06: West Park, Chicago, IL, USA)liveThe B‐52s4:24
1981Planet Claire (live, 1981: Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA)liveThe B‐52s?:??
1984-12-27Planet Claire (live, 1984-12-27: E.M. Loew's Theater, Worcester, MA, USA)liveThe B‐52s?:??
1998-12-02Planet Claire (live)liveThe B‐52s5:10
2002-10-31Planet Claire (live) (live, 2002-10-31: New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveFoo Fighters feat. Fred Schneider4:20
2004-07-24Planet Claire (live, 2004-07-24: Atlantic City, NJ, USA)liveThe B‐52s?:??
2006-05-26Intro (live, 2006-05-26: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN, USA)live and partialThe B‐52’s1:00
2006-05-26Planet Claire (live, 2006-05-26: Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, IN, USA)liveThe B‐52’s4:36
2011-02-18Planet Claire (live, 2011-02-18: The Classic Center, Athens, GA, USA)liveThe B‐52s4:51
2012-01-15B-52's Crowd Chant/Planet Claire (Live, 2012-01-15: Casino Del Sol, Tucson, AZ, USA)liveThe B‐52s5:47
2013Planet Claire (live, 2013: London, UK)liveThe B‐52’s5:20
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s5:47
Planet ClairecoverFoo Fighters feat. Fred Schneider4:15
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s3:15
Planet ClairecoverUnit:1873:01
Planet ClairecoverDiamond Fist Werny3:34
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s?:??
Planet ClaireThe B‐52’s4:34
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s5:08
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s6:12
Planet ClaireliveThe B‐52’s5:40
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s4:33
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s4:36
Planet ClaireB52’s4:19
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s4:30
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s4:32
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s4:35
Planet ClaireThe B‐52s4:30
Planet ClairecoverTreponem Pal4:18
Planet Claire (François Kevorkian remix)The B‐52s9:10
Planet Claire (The B52's)coverMarina Céleste4:26
Planet Claire 2020coverEvildead4:04