To the End (Original, sung in English)

~ Song


lyricist:Damon Albarn
composer:Damon Albarn
Graham Coxon
Alex James (UK bassist for Blur/Fat Les)
Dave Rowntree
Wikidata:Q3109349 [info]
later translated versions:To the End (First version in French. Starts with "Et tous ces mots sales")
To the End (La Comedie) (Second version in French. Starts with "Tous ces bals masqués")


1997-06-10To the End (live, 1997-06-10: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA)liveBlur?:??
To the EndliveBlur?:??
To the EndBlur3:51
To the EndBlur?:??
To the EndBlur4:04
To the EndBlur4:09
To the EndBlur3:52
To the EndBlur4:05
To the EndBlur4:06
To The End (Budokan)liveBlur4:17
To the End (demo with Justine Frischmann)Blur?:??
To the End (instrumental)instrumentalBlur4:14
To The End (Mile End)liveBlur4:05
To the End (radio edit)Blur?:??
To the End (soundalike guitar track)Blur4:11