lyricist:Sammy Gallop
composer:Rube Bloom (American songwriter, pianist and vocalist)
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Wikidata:Q6796957 [info]


1957-05-01Maybe You’ll Be TherecoverFrank Sinatra3:07
1959Maybe You'll Be ThereSarah Vaughan2:52
1962-10Maybe You'll Be ThereJimmy Rowles1:58
1990-05Maybe You'll Be ThereCarol Sloane4:17
1996-06-26Maybe You'll Be ThereinstrumentalGene DiNovi meets Spike Robinson5:42
1998-09Maybe You'll Be TherePat LaBarbera4:58
2001-12-02Maybe You'll Be Therecover and liveDiana Krall6:31
2001Maybe You'll Be Therecover and liveDiana Krall6:33
2001Maybe You'll Be TherecoverDiana Krall5:31
2009-05Maybe You'll Be TherePamela Luss5:42
Maybe You'll be ThereFrank Sinatra3:06
Maybe You'll Be ThereJane Morgan?:??
Maybe You'll Be ThereFrank Sinatra3:07
Maybe You'll Be ThereFrank Sinatra3:07
Maybe You'll Be TherecoverGene Pitney2:43
Maybe You'll Be ThereSøs Fenger4:00
Maybe You'll Be ThereinstrumentalEd Bickert & Rob McConnell4:32
Maybe You'll Be ThereGordon Jenkins & His Orchestra3:16
Maybe You'll Be TherecoverDiana Krall5:41
Maybe You'll Be ThereJoni James3:52
Maybe You'll Be ThereJune Christy2:51
Maybe You'll Be ThereKay Starr3:31
Maybe You'll Be There (5.1 mix)coverDiana Krall5:31
Maybe You'll Be There (live)cover and liveDiana Krall5:27
Maybe You’ll Be TherecoverPat Boone2:57
Maybe You’ll Be TherecoverBob Dylan2:56
Maybe You’ll Be There (live, 2001-11/12: L'Olympia, Paris, France)cover and liveDiana Krall5:48
Maybe You’ll Be ThereFrank Sinatra3:05
Maybe You’ll Be TherecoverDiana Krall5:25
Maybe You’ll Be ThereFrank Sinatra3:07