lyricist and composer:Dave Grohl


1995-10-16Weenie Beenie (1995-10-16: The Circus, Stockholm, Sweden)liveFoo Fighters3:24
1995-11-15Weenie Beenie (1995-11-15: Brixton Academy, London, UK) (live, 1995-11-15: Brixton Academy, London, England)liveFoo Fighters3:00
1995-12-31Weenie Beenie (live, 1995-12-31: Summersault, Macquarie Uni, Sydney, Australia)liveFoo Fighters2:47
1996-04-03Weenie Beenie (live, 1996-04-03: Concert Hall, Toronto, Canada)liveFoo Fighters3:10
1997-05-25Weenie Beenie (live, 1997-05-25: Manchester Apollo, Manchester, UK)liveFoo Fighters2:58
1997-07-05Weenie Beenie (live, 1997-07-05: Summerfest, Henry W. Maier Park, Milwaukee, WI, USA)liveFoo Fighters?:??
2003-08-26Weenie Beenie (live, 2003-08-26: Laugardalshöll, Reykjavik, Iceland)liveFoo Fighters?:??
Weenie BeenieliveFoo Fighters3:09
Weenie BeenieliveFoo Fighters?:??
Weenie BeenieliveFoo Fighters?:??
Weenie BeenieFoo Fighters2:46
Weenie BeenieFoo Fighters2:49
Weenie Beenie (The Wireless version)liveFoo Fighters2:54
Weenie Beenie (live, 1997-11-23: Brixton Academy, London, England)liveFoo Fighters3:01
Weenie Beenie (demo)Foo Fighters?:??
Weenie Beenie (live, 1995-06-03: King's College, London, England)liveFoo Fighters3:15
Weenie Beeniecover and liveMöngöl Hörde2:28
Weenie BeenieliveFoo Fighters?:??
Weenie BeenieFoo Fighters?:??
Weenie BeenieliveFoo Fighters3:29
Weenie BeenieFoo Fighters2:47
Weenie Beenie (live)liveFoo Fighters3:16
Wennie BennieliveFoo Fighters3:20