lyricist:Jimmy Webb (US songwriter, composer, producer, pianist & singer)
composer:Jimmy Webb (US songwriter, composer, producer, pianist & singer) (in 1968)
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1968-12-13Wichita Linemancover and instrumentalFreddie Hubbard3:16
1968Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell1:53
1968Wichita Linemancover and instrumentalJ.J. Johnson / Kai Winding3:02
1968Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:05
1970-04-06 – 1970-04-08Wichita LinemancoverHorst Jankowski And His Studio Orchestra3:37
1970-05Wichita Lineman (live, 1970-05: Live at the Sex Machine)cover and liveKool & the Gang5:27
1970Witchita LinemaninstrumentalYoung–Holt Unlimited?:??
1990-12-06Wichita Lineman (live, 199x: The Bottom Line, New York, NY, USA)liveJimmy Webb3:04
1995-09-15Wichita Lineman (live, 1995-09-15: Houston, TX, USA)cover and liveR.E.M.3:18
2006-03-18Wichita Lineman (live, 2006-03-18: Galileo Galilei, Madrid, Spain)cover and liveh3:34
2008-10-10Wichita Lineman (live, 2008-10-10: Later… with Jools Holland)liveGlen Campbell3:37
Wichita Line ManGlen Campbell3:03
Wichita LinemaninstrumentalFrank Chacksfield & His Orchestra2:18
Wichita LinemanPat DiNizio3:14
Wichita Linemancover and instrumentalAlan Pasqua5:58
Wichita Linemancover and instrumentalCharlie Byrd2:49
Wichita LinemaninstrumentalThe Alan Braden Orchestra3:13
Wichita LinemancoverJohnny A.4:01
Wichita Lineman (live)cover and liveThe Feeling3:20
Wichita LinemancoverRay Charles4:07
Wichita LinemancoverGlen Campbell3:36
Wichita LinemancoverDee Madden2:57
Wichita LinemanliveGlen Campbell3:29
Wichita LinemanJimmy Webb4:15
Wichita LinemancoverR.E.M.3:16
Wichita LinemanJosé Feliciano2:44
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:10
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:02
Wichita Linemancover and instrumental[unknown]3:15
Wichita LinemancoverBrian Vander Ark3:15
Wichita LinemaninstrumentalFred Hersch5:53
Wichita LinemanTom Jones2:52
Wichita LinemancoverDennis Brown4:03
Wichita LinemancoverJeannie Seely3:05
Wichita LinemanPete Wernick2:27
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:07
Wichita LinemanJoel Harrison4:41
Wichita Lineman (live)cover and liveGomez3:00
Wichita LinemancoverKing Harvest4:18
Wichita LinemancoverSmokey Robinson & The Miracles2:54
Wichita LinemancoverRay Charles4:03
Wichita LinemancoverTony Joe White2:53
Wichita LinemancoverTony Joe White2:50
Wichita LinemancoverJohnny Cash3:03
Wichita LinemancoverTony Joe White2:51
Wichita LinemancoverJohnny Cash3:03
Wichita LinemancoverJohnny Cash3:03
Wichita LinemancoverJohnny Cash3:01
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:04
Wichita LinemancoverDee Felice Trio3:18
Wichita LinemancoverJames Taylor3:41
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:08
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell2:57
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell?:??
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:11
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell1:51
Wichita LinemanGlen Cambell3:08
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell1:54
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:02
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell1:57
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell?:??
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell2:56
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell1:53
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell & Michelle Shocked with Texas Tornados4:06
Wichita Linemancover and liveR.E.M.3:20
Wichita LinemancoverCassandra Wilson5:48
Wichita Linemancover and instrumental101 Strings Orchestra2:31
Wichita LinemancoverGlenn Gregory4:18
Wichita LinemanWafta2:54
Wichita LinemancoverShannon Butcher4:02
Wichita LinemancoverClouds4:14
Wichita LinemancoverJohn Andrews Tartaglia2:58
Wichita LinemancoverR.E.M.3:18
Wichita LinemancoverThe King’s Singers4:49
Wichita LinemancoverSmokey Robinson & The Miracles2:54
Wichita LinemancoverTony Joe White2:53
Wichita Linemancover and instrumentalJim Wilson4:11
Wichita LinemancoverJimmy Barnes with David Campbell3:25
Wichita LinemancoverRita Wilson3:46
Wichita LinemancoverDwight Yoakam2:55
Wichita LinemancoverRob Snarski3:11
Wichita LinemancoverUrge Overkill3:28
Wichita Linemancover and liveJames Taylor3:21
Wichita LinemancoverLinda Bruner2:34
Wichita LinemancoverCollin Raye3:28
Wichita LinemancoverThe Tymes?:??
Wichita LinemancoverTom Jones2:51
Wichita LinemancoverJohnny Harris3:30
Wichita LinemancoverJoe Simon3:18
Wichita LinemancoverThe Meters2:59
Wichita LinemanAndy Williams2:52
Wichita LinemancoverAndy Williams2:56
Wichita LinemancoverKool & the Gang5:33
Wichita LinemancoverDean Dyson3:21
Wichita LinemanGlen Campbell3:07
Wichita Lineman (2008 remix)Glen Campbell3:09
Wichita Lineman (acoustic instrumental version)cover and instrumentalThe Acoustic Guitar Troubadours2:50
Wichita Lineman (acoustic version)coverMaria McKee3:31
Wichita Lineman (live From Ryman Auditorium)liveGlen Campbell4:11
Wichita Lineman / By the Time I Get to PhoenixcoverKing Harvest4:17
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