lyricist and composer:L. Wolfe Gilbert
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Wikidata:Q5302892 [info]


1922Down YonderBilly Jones & Ernest Hare?:??
1967-09Down YonderinstrumentalJimmy Bryant1:44
1973-06-17Down Yonderinstrumental and liveBill Monroe3:41
1975-05-17Down Yonderinstrumental and liveBill Monroe3:07
1989-07-30Down Yonderinstrumental and liveBill Monroe?:??
1989-07-30Down Yonderinstrumental and liveBill Monroe3:42
2018-12-15Down Yonder (live, 2018-12-15: Flint Center, Cupertino, CA)cover and liveWillie Nelson?:??
A Few Jokes Beyond Us (live, 2011-01-22: Fitzgerald Theater, Saint Paul, MN, USA)liveGarrison Keillor, Sue Scott, Tim Russell, Tom Keith, Richard Dworsky, Peter Johnson ("Down Yonder" performed by the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band)4:40
Down YondercoverWillie Nelson1:56
Down YondercoverWillie Nelson1:59
Down YonderChamp Butler?:??
Down YonderinstrumentalJimmy Campbell2:39
Down YonderinstrumentalDel Wood2:29
Down YonderDel Wood2:29
Down YonderDel Wood2:28
Down YonderFreddy Martin2:33
Down YonderinstrumentalBilly Rose & Kenny Baker2:31