writer:David Hodges (keyboardist of Evanescence and Trading Yesterday)
Amy Lee (singer-songwriter of Evanescence)
Ben Moody (American musician and producer)
Bas van Tilburg
publisher:Forthefallen Publishing
Reservoir One America
Zombies Ate My Publishing
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Wikidata:Q1981958 [info]


2003-04-14My Immortal (live, 2003-04-14: Norva, Norfolk, VA, USA)liveEvanescence4:35
2003-10-16My Immortal (live, 2003-10-16: Le Zénith, Paris, France)liveEvanescence?:??
2003-10-17My Immortal (live, 2003-10-17: Cologne, Germany)liveEvanescence4:16
2003-12-12My Immortal (live, 2003-12-12: Centre Bell, Montréal, QC, Canada)liveEvanescence?:??
2004-05-25My Immortal (live, 2004-05-25: Le Zénith, Paris, France)liveEvanescence4:38
2004-06-04My Immortal (live, 2004-06-04: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany)liveEvanescence?:??
2006-10-09My Immortal (live, 2006-10-09: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York City, NY, USA)liveEvanescence4:59
2006-10-10My Immortal (live, 2006-10-10: The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveEvanescence4:54
2006-10-24My Immortal (live, 2006-10-24: Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO, USA)liveEvanescence4:54
My immortalcoverAlexandra Kuznetsova3:06
My ImmortalcoverUnicante3:59
My ImmortalcoverGregorian5:26
My ImmortalcoverGregorian4:26
My Immortalcover and liveGillard and the Janks4:36
My Immortal (Synthesis version)Evanescence4:26
My Immortal (Origin version)Evanescence4:26
My ImmortalcoverKidz Bop4:21
My ImmortalcoverStatic Heaven?:??
My Immortalcover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series5:27
My Immortal (live, 2004-05-25: Le Zénith, Paris, France)liveEvanescence4:39
My Immortal (live, 2017-11-03: Foxwoods Resort Casino, CT, USA)liveEvanescence4:40
My ImmortalEvanescence4:36
My ImmortalEvanescence5:18
My ImmortalEvanescence4:13
My ImmortalEvanescence5:22
My ImmortalEvanescence5:18
My ImmortalEvanescence4:36
My ImmortalEvanescence4:31
My Immortal (live)liveEvanescence4:25
My ImmortalEvanescence4:36
My Immortalcover and instrumentalLindsey Stirling4:11
My Immortalcover and instrumentalJeremy Weinglass4:36
My Immortal (band version: no strings)Evanescence4:35
My Immortalcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet4:32
My Immortalcover and instrumentalArk Sano5:27
My ImmortalcoverNica & Joe4:31
My ImmortalcoverJohanna Hämäläinen4:28
My ImmortalcoverD‐Code?:??
My ImmortalcoverD‐Code3:56
My ImmortalcoverPrivate Benjamin4:07
My ImmortalcoverJennifer Berning3:30
My ImmortalcoverPelleK4:06
My ImmortalcoverMalukah4:32
My ImmortalDJ Bass4:50
My ImmortalEvanescence4:24
My ImmortalcoverDJ Bass4:50
My Immortal (live, 2017-11-03: Foxwoods Resort Casino, CT, USA)liveEvanescence4:47
My Immortal (acoustic)Evanescence4:30
My ImmortalcoverScott D. Davis4:42
My ImmortalcoverGothacoustic Ensemble4:31
My ImmortalcoverD‐Code1:29
My ImmortalcoverMadilyn Bailey feat. Jake Coco3:44
My Immortal (5.1 Surround version) (Synthesis version)Evanescence4:25
My Immortal (a cappella) (YouTube video)coverFallon and Felisha3:08
My Immortal (acoustic) (live)liveEvanescence4:29
My Immortal (band version) (guitars down)Evanescence4:33
My Immortal (band version)Evanescence4:33
My Immortal (behind the scenes)Evanescence4:36
My Immortal (Chillout mix)coverFlies on the Square Egg4:07
My Immortal (club mix instrumental extended)Evanescence?:??
My Immortal (demo)instrumentalEvanescence3:01
My Immortal (instrumental) (Synthesis version)instrumentalEvanescence4:25
My Immortal (Mystary version)Evanescence4:39
My Immortal (piano version)Evanescence5:20
My Immortal (piano version)Evanescence4:31
My Immortal (play along version)instrumentalEvanescence3:01
My Immortal (reggaeton remix)Evanescence4:13
My Immortal (Shortcut remix)coverD‐Code3:18
My Immortal (video - behind the scenes)Evanescence?:??
My Immortal (video)Evanescence?:??
My Immortal (video)Evanescence4:39
My Inmortal (cover)cover and instrumentalDamian Zantedeschi4:27