lyricist:Eddie Holland (Motown songwriter, lyricist of Holland‐Dozier‐Holland songwriting team)
composer:Lamont Dozier
Brian Holland (Motown producer & songwriter)
publisher:EMI Music Ltd.
Jobete Music
Jobete Music (UK) Ltd.
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Wikidata:Q3829307 [info]


1963-11-26Leaving HereEddie Holland2:31
1964Leaving HereThe Who2:14
1964Leaving HerecoverThe High Numbers2:47
1965-04-13 – 1965-04-14Leaving Here (alternate)coverThe Who2:50
1965-04-13 – 1965-04-14Leaving Here (mono version)The Who2:49
1965-04-13 – 1965-04-14Leaving Here (stereo version)The Who2:49
1965-05-24Leaving Herecover and liveThe Who2:35
1965-05-24Leaving Herecover and liveThe Who?:??
1975-09 – 1976-02Leavin’ Here (1975)coverMotörhead2:58
1975-09 – 1976-02Leaving Here (alternate take)coverMotörhead3:01
1975-10-19Leaving Here (live, 1975-10-19: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)cover and liveMotörhead?:??
1976-12Leaving Here (single version)coverMotörhead2:35
1977-06-03Leaving Here (live, 1977-06-03: Town Hall, Birmingham, England)cover and liveMotörhead2:34
1978-02-18Leaving Here (live, 1978-02-18: Roundhouse, London, England)cover and liveMotörhead3:12
1978-07-23Leavin' Here (live, 1978-07-23: The Civic Centre, St Albans, England)cover and liveMotörhead2:50
1979-03-31Leaving Here (live, 1979-03-31: Friars, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, UK)cover and liveMotörhead3:36
1980-02-07 – 1980-04-20Leaving Here (live, 1980)cover and liveMotörhead3:02
1980-05-01Leaving Here (live, 1980-05-01: Top of the Pops #17.18 TV broadcast)cover and liveMotörhead?:??
1980-05-15Leavin' Here (live, 1980-05-15: Lochem Popmeeting, De Zandkuil Openluchttheater, Lochem, Gelderland, Netherlands)cover and liveMotörhead?:??
1981-03-05Leaving Here (live, 1981-03-05: Parc Expo, Orléans, France)cover and liveMotörhead?:??
1981-03-28Leaving Here (live, 1981-03-28: Queens Hall, Leeds, England)cover and liveMotörhead2:48
1981-12-23Leaving Here (live, 1981-12-23: Whitla Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland)cover and liveMotörhead3:22
1988-05-27Leavin’ Herecover and liveThe Gories2:31
1995-09-16Leaving Here (live, 1995-09-16: South Park Meadows, Austin, TX, USA)cover and livePearl Jam?:??
1995-11-01Leaving Here (live, 1995-11-01: Delta Center, Salt Lake City, UT, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:46
1995-11-04Leaving Here (live, 1995-11-04: Spartan Stadium, San Jose, CA, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:42
1995Leaving Here (live, 1995)cover and livePearl Jam2:57
1996-09-29Leaving Here (live, 1996-09-29: Downing Stadium, Randall's Island, New York, NY, USA)cover and livePearl Jam?:??
1996-11-03Leaving Here (live, 1996-11-03: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany)cover and livePearl Jam?:??
1998-07-22Leaving Here (live, 1998-07-22: Memorial Stadium, Seattle, WA, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:58
2000-06-11Leaving Here (live, 2000-06-11: Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Germany)cover and livePearl Jam2:55
2000-06-12Leaving Here (live, 2000-06-12: Pinkpop: Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands)cover and livePearl Jam3:20
2000-06-16Leaving Here (live, 2000-06-16: Spodek, Katowice, Poland)cover and livePearl Jam3:00
2000-06-23Leaving Here (live, 2000-06-23: Hallenstadion, Zürich, Switzerland)cover and livePearl Jam5:54
2000-08-09Leaving Here (live, 2000-08-09: West Palm Beach, FL, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:48
2000-09-04Leaving Here (live, 2000-09-04: Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:10
2000-10-04Leaving Here (live, 2000-10-04: Molson Centre, Montréal, QC, Canada)cover and livePearl Jam5:59
2000-10-17Leaving Here (live, 2000-10-17: Smirnoff Music Centre, Dallas, TX, USA)cover and livePearl Jam5:23
2003-04-16Leaving Here (live, 2003-04-16: Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:14
2003-04-18Leaving Here (live, 2003-04-18: Amsouth Amphitheatre, Nashville, TN, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:47
2003-05-03Leaving Here (live, 2003-05-03: Bryce-Jordan Center, State College, PA, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:07
2003-06-16Leaving Here (live, 2003-06-16: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:00
2003-07-02Leaving Here (live, 2003-07-02: Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA, USA)cover and livePearl Jam3:10
2003-07-14Leaving Here (live, 2003-07-14: PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, USA)cover and livePearl Jam?:??
2003-07-18Leaving Here (live, 2003-07-18: Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico)cover and livePearl Jam2:42
2003-07-19Leaving Here (live, 2003-07-19: Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico City, Mexico)cover and livePearl Jam2:50
2005-09-16Leaving Here (live, 2005-09-16: Corel Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canada)cover and livePearl Jam3:06
2005-09-19Leaving Here (live, 2005-09-19: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada)cover and livePearl Jam?:??
2005-09-24Leaving Here (live, 2005-09-24: Mile One Stadium, St. John's, NL, Canada)cover and livePearl Jam2:58
2005-10-01Leaving Here (live, 2005-10-01: Borgata Events Center, Atlantic City, NJ, USA)cover and livePearl Jam?:??
2006-04-20Leaving Here (live, 2006-04-20: Astoria, London, England)cover and livePearl Jam?:??
2014-07-08Leaving Here (live, 2014-07-08: First Direct Arena, Leeds, UK)cover and livePearl Jam2:58
2016-04-26Leaving Here (live, 2016-04-26: Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:58
Leavin' HereRaw Animal?:??
Leavin' HerecoverThe Rationals?:??
Leavin' HerecoverPearl Jam2:52
Leavin’ HerecoverBrownsville Station3:04
Leavin’ HerecoverLars Frederiksen and the Bastards2:40
Leaving Here (live, 2013-10-22: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA)livePearl Jam3:01
Leaving HerecoverTages2:00
Leaving Herecover and liveLos Perros2:32
Leaving HerecoverThe Birds2:44
Leaving HerecoverThe Birds2:43
Leaving HerecoverThe Sonics2:53
Leaving HerecoverThe Vacant Lot2:12
Leaving HerecoverThe Birds2:42
Leaving HereThe Birds2:40
Leaving HerecoverPearl Jam2:53
Leaving Herecover and livePearl Jam4:23
Leaving HerecoverThe Isley Brothers3:00
Leaving Herecover and livePearl Jam3:24
Leaving Herecover and livePearl Jam2:50
Leaving HerecoverTommy Good?:??
Leaving Here (live, 2006-06-03: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:55
Leaving HerecoverLil' Ed & The Blues Imperials3:29
Leaving HerecoverTinsley Ellis?:??
Leaving HerecoverThe Isley Brothers2:58
Leaving HerecoverThe Who2:52
Leaving HerecoverThe Who2:50
Leaving HereThe Who2:50
Leaving HereThe Who2:48
Leaving Here (live)cover and liveMotörhead3:03
Leaving HerelivePearl Jam?:??
Leaving HerelivePearl Jam?:??
Leaving Here (live, 2015-11-07: Estadio Ciudad de la Plata, La Plata, Argentina)livePearl Jam2:47
Leaving Here (live, 2003-04-09: Oak Mountain Amphitheatre, Pelham, AL, USA)livePearl Jam3:06
Leaving HerelivePearl Jam2:42
Leaving HerelivePearl Jam2:51
Leaving HerelivePearl Jam7:06
Leaving HerelivePearl Jam2:33
Leaving Herecover and livePearl Jam3:25
Leaving Here (live, 2013-11-21: Viejas Arena, San Diego, CA, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:47
Leaving Here (live, 2013-10-19: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA)cover and livePearl Jam2:45
Leaving Here (alternate version)The Who2:51
Leaving Here (Cover)coverPearl Jam2:52
Leaving Here (Eddie Vedder solo) (1995)cover and livePearl Jam2:56
Leaving Here (Home Alive)coverPearl Jam2:53