writer:David Hodges (keyboardist of Evanescence and Trading Yesterday)
Amy Lee (singer-songwriter of Evanescence)
Ben Moody (American musician and producer)
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2002-12-31My Last Breath (live, 2002-12-31: Jaunitas, Little Rock, AR, USA)liveEvanescence4:22
2003-03-11My Last Breath (live, 2003-03-11: X-Scape, Salt Lake City, UT, USA)liveEvanescence4:31
2003-04-12My Last Breath (live, 2003-04-12: Nashville, TN, USA)liveEvanescence?:??
2003-04-14My Last Breath (live, 2003-04-14: Norva, Norfolk, VA, USA)liveEvanescence4:13
2003-06-07My Last Breath (live, 2003-06-07: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany)liveEvanescence5:00
2003-06-19My Last Breath (live, 2003-06-19: Astoria, London, UK)liveEvanescence4:01
2003-10-16My Last Breath (live, 2003-10-16: Le Zénith, Paris, France)liveEvanescence?:??
2003-10-17My Last Breath (live, 2003-10-17: Cologne, Germany)liveEvanescence?:??
2003-12-13My Last Breath (live, 2003-12-13: Colisée Pepsi, Québec, QC, Canada)liveEvanescence?:??
2004-05-25My Last Breath (live, 2004-05-25: Le Zénith, Paris, France)liveEvanescence3:53
My Last BreathEvanescence3:38
My Last BreathEvanescence3:39
My Last Breath (live, 2004-05-25: Le Zénith, Paris, France)liveEvanescence3:52
My Last Breathcover and instrumentalVitamin Piano Series4:52
My Last BreathcoverStatic Heaven?:??
My Last BreathEvanescence4:07
My Last Breathcover and instrumentalArk Sano4:53
My Last BreathcoverPrivate Benjamin4:10
My Last BreathcoverGothacoustic Ensemble4:15