JASRAC: 0E1-2715-7

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lyricist and composer:David Bowie
publisher:Éditer à Paris
Jones Music (publishers associated with David Bowie)
Jones Music America
渡辺音楽出版 CM事業部


1986-09 – 1986-11’87 and CryDavid Bowie4:19
1987-06-06’87 and Cry (live, 1987-06-06: Riechstag, Platz der Republik, Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany)liveDavid Bowie4:47
1987-06-27’87 and Cry (live, 1987-06-27: Eriksbergs Varv, Göteborg, Sweden)liveDavid Bowie3:54
1987-07-30’87 and Cry (live, 1987-07-30: Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveDavid Bowie4:08
1987-07-31’87 and Cry (live, 1987-07-31: Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, USA)liveDavid Bowie4:08
1987-08-30’87 and Cry (live, 1987-08-30: Montreal Olympic Stadium)liveDavid Bowie4:08
1987-09-03’87 and Cry (live, 1987-09-03: Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, MA, USA)liveDavid Bowie4:03
1987-10-01’87 and Cry (live, 1987-10-01: St. Paul Civic Center, St. Paul, MN, USA)liveDavid Bowie3:52
1987-10-13’87 and Cry (live, 1987-10-13: Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveDavid Bowie3:59
’87 & Cry (live, 1987-11: Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia)liveDavid Bowie4:02
’87 and Cry (2018 version)David Bowie4:25
’87 and Cry (live, 1987-08-30: Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Quebec)David Bowie4:11
’87 and Cry (single version)David Bowie3:53
’87 and Cry (vinyl album edit)David Bowie3:55
87 and CryliveDavid Bowie?:??