writer:Mick Jagger
Keith Richards (Rolling Stones guitarist)
publisher:ABKCO Music, Inc. (this is a music publisher; for release labels, please use “ABKCO”)
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1973-10-01Wild Horsescover and liveOld & In the Way4:39
1973-10-01Wild Horsescover and liveOld & In the Way5:23
1973-10-08Wild Horsescover and liveOld & In the Way4:21
1973-10-08Wild Horsescover and liveOld & In the Way4:31
1975-06-27Wild Horses (live, 1975-06-27: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones7:19
1975Wild Horses (1975: LA Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA)liveThe Rolling Stones7:25
1992-02-22Wild Horses (live, 1992-02-22: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)liveGuns N’ Roses3:39
1992-04-06Wild HorsesliveGuns N’ Roses3:44
1992-06-06Wild Horses (live)cover and liveGuns N’ Roses3:31
1995-10-13Wild Horses (live, 1995-10-13: Atlanta, GA, USA)cover and liveBush?:??
1995-10-13Wild Horses (acoustic) (live, 1995-10-13: ACP Studios, Atlanta, GA, USA)cover and liveBush?:??
1996-05-04Wild Horses (live, 1996-05-04: Lakefront Arena, New Orleans, LA, USA)cover and liveIndigo Girls feat. Joan Baez & Michelle Malone6:53
1997-06-06Wild Horses (live, 1997-06-06: Great Woods, Mansfield, MA, USA)cover and liveIndigo Girls7:10
1997-06-16Wild HorsescoverOtis Clay6:33
2002-01-13Wild Horsescover and liveLucinda Williams and Elvis Costello5:40
2003-03-13Angie / Wild Horses / Stairway to Heaven (live, 2003-03-13: Nippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan)cover, live and medleyKISS3:03
2003-08-24Wild Horses (2003-08-24: Twickenham Rugby Ground, London, UK)liveThe Rolling Stones5:37
2004-04-05Wild HorsescoverTim Ries8:01
2005-04-03Wild Horses (Rolling Stones cover) (live, 2005-04-03: Palladium, Cologne, Germany)cover and liveGarbage5:08
2005-10-22Wild Horses (live, 2005-10-22: Triple Door, Seattle, WA, USA)cover and liveIron & Wine and Calexico6:28
2009-10-04Wild Horses (live, 2009-10-04: Capitol Center for the Arts, Concord, NH, USA)cover and liveIndigo Girls6:20
2014-06-13Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:11
Wild HorseThe Rolling Stones5:09
Wild HorsescoverSusan Boyle4:55
Wild Horses (live, 2005-07-04: Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City, NY, USA)cover and liveAlicia Keys feat. Adam Levine6:05
Wild Horsescover and liveThe Flying Burrito Brothers?:??
Wild HorsescoverMelanie6:42
Wild HorsescoverKaren Souza4:49
Wild HorsescoverEugene Chadbourne4:59
Wild HorsescoverRobert Křesťan & Druhá tráva4:49
Wild HorsescoverBlackhawk3:48
Wild HorsescoverTre Lux5:20
Wild Horses (live)cover and liveDeacon Blue5:30
Wild HorsescoverLaBelle3:07
Wild HorsescoverElisa5:41
Wild Horsescover and liveGuns N’ Roses3:07
Wild Horses (live)cover and liveLovemongers feat. Chris Cornell6:22
Wild HorsescoverRichard Marx6:05
Wild HorsescoverSolveig Slettahjell5:59
Wild HorsescoverLeon Russell3:32
Wild HorsescoverGarbage?:??
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:41
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:30
Wild Horses (live, 1992: Stuttgart, Germany)cover and liveGuns N’ Roses3:26
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones3:43
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:18
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones6:09
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:44
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:32
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:09
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:48
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:17
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:32
Wild HorsesPlan B feat. The Rolling Stones4:26
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones2:53
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:23
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones feat. Dave Matthews5:32
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:40
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:41
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:27
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones6:11
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones7:14
Wild HorsescoverTrijntje Oosterhuis6:31
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones7:23
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones6:48
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones7:47
Wild HorsescoverThe Tulips5:53
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:19
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones?:??
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones feat. Dave Matthews5:42
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:32
Wild Horsescover and instrumentalOwen Richards4:59
Wild Horses (original single stereo version)The Rolling Stones5:43
Wild HorsescoverThe Sundays4:46
Wild Horses (live, 1992-02-19: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)liveGuns N’ Roses3:48
Wild HorsescoverLondon Symphony Orchestra4:09
Wild HorsescoverCiudadano López & Mr. Black4:37
Wild Horsescover and instrumentalRachel Z4:02
Wild Horsescover and liveElliott Murphy4:11
Wild Horsescover and liveElliott Murphy with Joseph Parsons3:52
Wild HorsescoverGregory Isaacs3:50
Wild Horsescover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet6:30
Wild HorsescoverIron & Wine and Calexico6:28
Wild HorsescoverCharlotte Martin5:31
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones5:43
Wild HorsesThe Rolling Stones2:52
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:33
Wild HorsescoverIvo Matos & Neal Mccarthy5:57
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones6:52
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:44
Wild HorsesliveThe Rolling Stones5:03
Wild HorsescoverThe Flying Burrito Brothers6:21
Wild HorsescoverThe Flying Burrito Brothers6:24
Wild HorsescoverThe Flying Burrito Brothers6:23
Wild HorsescoverThe Flying Burrito Brothers3:49
Wild Horsescover and liveThe Flying Burrito Brothers5:01
Wild HorsescoverThe Flying Burrito Brothers5:16
Wild HorsescoverThe Flying Burrito Brothers4:59
Wild HorsescoverMike Massé feat. Brenda Andrus and Jeff Hall4:37
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