lyricist and composer:Allen Toussaint
publisher:Screen Gems–EMI Music, Inc. (USA, affiliated with BMI)
Warner–Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label)
Wikidata:Q55815074 [info]
later versions:Mon copain Julie


2008-10-21Southern Nights (live, 2008-10-21: Later… with Jools Holland)liveAllen Toussaint3:23
2010-09-20Southern Nights (live, 2010-09-20: Marina Civic Center, Panama City, FL, USA)liveAllen Toussaint?:??
Southern LightsliveGlen Campbell3:56
Southern nightscoverOle Friis2:04
Southern Nightscover林子祥3:22
Southern NightscoverGlen Campbell2:59
Southern NightsGlen Campbell?:??
Southern NightsGlen Campbell2:49
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:44
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:49
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:53
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:55
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:49
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:57
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:57
Southern NightsGlen Campbell2:48
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:57
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:55
Southern NightscoverJohnny Mathis3:34
Southern NightsGlen Campbell2:51
Southern NightscoverBarry Hay, J.B. Meyers3:26
Southern Nights (live)liveGlen Campbell3:55
Southern NightsAllen Toussaint3:25
Southern NightsAllen Toussaint3:37
Southern NightsGlen Campbell2:59
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:48
Southern NightsGlen Campbell3:47
Southern NightscoverCitizen Cope3:37
Southern NightscoverCollin Raye3:07
Southern NightsAllen Toussaint3:30
Southern NightsStanton Moore7:34
Southern NightsLizz Wright4:14
Southern NightsAllen Toussaint3:37
Southern NightsChet Atkins & Allen Toussaint4:47
Southern NightsAllen Toussaint3:27
Southern NightsAllen Toussaint13:00
Southern Nights (live Recording)liveGlen Campbell?:??
Southern Nights (live)liveGlen Campbell?:??
Southern Nights (live)liveAllen Toussaint4:17