lyricist and composer:David Bowie
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1971-07-09 – 1972-02-04Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie3:13
1972-01-18Ziggy Stardust (BBC radio session, “Sounds Of The 70s”: recorded 18.1.72, broadcast 7.2.72, Maida Vale Studio 5, Delaware Road, London)liveDavid Bowie3:22
1972-05-16Ziggy Stardust (BBC radio session, “Sounds Of The 70s”: recorded 16.5.72, broadcast 23.5.72, Maida Vale Studio 4, Delaware Road, London)liveDavid Bowie3:24
1972-05-23Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie3:19
1972-07-08Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie?:??
1972-10-20Ziggy Stardust (live, 1972-10-20: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California, USA)liveDavid Bowie3:24
1972-10-20Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:21
1972-11-25Ziggy Stardust (live, 1972-11-25: Public Auditorium, Cleveland, OH, USA)liveDavid Bowie3:23
1973-04-08Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973‐04‐08: 東京厚生年金会館 大ホール, Shinjuku, Japan)liveDavid Bowie3:18
1973-04-08Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973-04-08: 東京厚生年金会館, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)liveDavid Bowie?:??
1973-04-10Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973‐04‐10: 東京厚生年金会館 大ホール, Shinjuku, Japan)liveDavid Bowie3:24
1973-04-11Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973-04-11: 東京厚生年金会館, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan)liveDavid Bowie3:23
1973-04-12Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973‐04‐12: 名古屋市公会堂, Nagoya, Japan)liveDavid Bowie3:20
1973-04-14Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973‐04‐14: 広島郵便貯金ホール, Hiroshima, Japan)liveDavid Bowie3:20
1973-04-20Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973‐04‐20: 渋谷公会堂, Shibuya, Japan)liveDavid Bowie3:40
1973-07-03Ziggy Stardust (live, 1973‐07‐03: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)liveDavid Bowie3:19
1973-07-03Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:10
1973-07-03Ziggy Stardust (live, pure, no overdubs, 1973‐07‐03: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England)liveDavid Bowie?:??
1973Ziggy Stardust (live ’73)liveDavid Bowie3:23
1978-04-28 – 1978-05-06Ziggy Stardust (live, 1978-04-28 – 1978-05-06: “Stage”, USA)liveDavid Bowie3:30
1978-06-04Ziggy Stardust (live, 1978-06-04: Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden)liveDavid Bowie3:51
1978-06-05Ziggy Stardust (live, 1978-06-05: Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway)liveDavid Bowie?:??
1978-06-30 – 1978-07-01Ziggy Stardust (live, 1978-06-30, 07-01: Earls Court, London, England)liveDavid Bowie3:25
1978-11-11Ziggy Stardust (live, 1978-11-11: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia)liveDavid Bowie?:??
1990-01Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:40
1990-03-04Ziggy Stardust (live, 1990-03-04: Colisée de Québec, Quebec City, QC, Canada)liveDavid Bowie3:50
1990-03-13Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie?:??
1990-03-26Ziggy Stardust (live, 1990-03-26: Docklands Arena, London, England, UK)liveDavid Bowie3:44
1990-04-03Ziggy Stardust (live, 1990-04-03: Paris au Printemps, France)liveDavid Bowie3:44
1990-05-15Ziggy Stardust (live, 1990-05-15: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)liveDavid Bowie3:22
1990-08-05Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:41
1990-08-19Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie?:??
1990-09-20Ziggy Stardust (live, 1990-09-20: Praça da Aposteose, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)liveDavid Bowie3:56
1990-09-27Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:39
1997-05-07Ziggy Stardust (live, 1997-05-07: Hyatt Hotel, Cologne, Germany)cover and liveMartin L. Gore4:17
1998-11-07Ziggy Stardustcover and liveBauhaus?:??
2000-06-25Ziggy Stardust (live, 2000-06-25: Glastonbury Festival, England)liveDavid Bowie3:55
2000-06-25Ziggy Stardust (live, 2000-06-25: Glastonbury Festival, England)liveDavid Bowie3:53
2000-06-25Ziggy Stardust (live, 2000-06-25: Glastonbury Festival, Pilton, UK)liveDavid Bowie3:48
2002-07-01Ziggy Stardust (live, 2002-07-01: Olympia, Paris, Île-de-France, France)liveDavid Bowie4:48
2002-07-01Ziggy Stardust (live, 2002-07-01: Olympia, Paris, Île-de-France, France)liveDavid Bowie4:33
2002-09-25Ziggy Stardust (Le Zénith de Paris Sep 25, 2002)liveDavid Bowie4:52
2002-10-17Ziggy Stardust (live, 2002-10-17: Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe, New York, NY, USA)liveDavid Bowie6:12
2003-11-22 – 2003-11-23Ziggy Stardust (live, 2003-11-22/23, Point Depot, Dublin, Ireland)liveDavid Bowie3:45
2003-12-16Ziggy Stardust (live, 2003-12-16: Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT, USA)liveDavid Bowie5:03
2004-03-09Ziggy Stardust (live, 2004-03-09: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan)liveDavid Bowie6:29
2004-04-16Ziggy Stardust (live, 2004-04-16: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA, USA)liveDavid Bowie4:07
2004-04-22Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie?:??
2004-04-27Ziggy Stardust (live, 2004-04-27: The Back Yard at Bee Cave, Bee Cave, TX)liveDavid Bowie5:26
2004-05-25Ziggy Stardust (live, 2004-05-25: Shea’s Buffalo Theatre, Buffalo, NY, USA)liveDavid Bowie3:52
2004-06-05Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:53
2010-12Ziggy StardustcoverFederica Zammarchi4:57
2014-09-22Ziggy Stardust (live, 2014-09-22: Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, England)cover and liveTony Visconti and Woody Woodmansey's Holy Holy with Glenn Gregory and Steve Norman?:??
2016-10-31Ziggy Stardustcover and livePhish3:44
2019-03-26Ziggy Stardust (live; 2019-03-26: The Howard Stern Show: New York, NY, USA)cover and liveDef Leppard3:06
Wild Eyed Boy From FreecloudDavid Bowie2:59
Ziggy StardustcoverThe Moog Cookbook3:59
Ziggy StardustcoverThe Gourds2:53
Ziggy StardustcoverGrade10:14
Ziggy Stardustcover and instrumentalVitamin String Quartet3:03
Ziggy StardustcoverThursday Night Collective3:56
Ziggy StardustcoverMiracle Legion3:09
Ziggy StardustcoverBALZAC3:24
Ziggy StardustcoverDaisyhead & The Mooncrickets1:43
Ziggy StardustcoverAriana Delawari3:56
Ziggy StardustcoverJasmine & The Jack Stafford Foundation2:37
Ziggy StardustcoverAriana Delawari3:54
Ziggy Stardust (30th anniversary 2CD edition, swapped stereo channels)David Bowie3:13
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie3:18
Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:19
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie & the Spiders From Mars2:56
Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:09
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie?:??
Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:32
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie3:15
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie3:31
Ziggy Stardust (recorded 1972-01-11, broadcast 1972-01-28: “Sounds of the Seventies: John Peel”, BBC Radio)David Bowie?:??
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie3:19
Ziggy StardustpartialDavid Bowie0:20
Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie3:24
Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie3:13
Ziggy Stardust (recorded 1972-01-18, broadcast 1972-02-07: “Sounds of the Seventies: Bob Harris”, BBC Radio)David Bowie?:??
Ziggy StardustcoverElliott BROOD3:36
Ziggy StardustcoverGrade3:05
Ziggy StardustcoverBauhaus?:??
Ziggy Stardustcover and liveBauhaus?:??
Ziggy StardustcoverBauhaus4:12
Ziggy Stardustcover and liveBauhaus6:01
Ziggy Stardustcover and instrumentalThe Thurston Lava Tube2:24
Ziggy StardustcoverBauhaus4:47
Ziggy StardustcoverBauhaus3:13
Ziggy StardustcoverBauhaus3:15
Ziggy Stardustcover[unknown]3:21
Ziggy Stardust (2003 Ken Scott remix, 5.1 mix)David Bowie3:13
Ziggy StardustcoverThe Spiders from Mars3:19
Ziggy StardustcoverLieutenant Pigeon3:10
Ziggy StardustcoverLieutenant Pigeon3:09
Ziggy Stardust (2003 Ken Scott remix, stereo)David Bowie3:13
Ziggy Stardust (live)liveDavid Bowie3:38
Ziggy StardustliveDavid Bowie?:??
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