writer:Flea (US bassist)
John Frusciante
Anthony Kiedis
Chad Smith (drummer from Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Wikidata:Q75397 [info]
later parody versions:Guide the Way


2002-06-29By the Way (live, 2002-06-29: Rock Werchter 2002, Werchter, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers3:41
2002-07-09By the Way (live, 2002-07-09: Ellis Island, New York, NY, USA)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers3:31
2003-08-23By the Way (live, 2003-08-23: Slane Castle, County Meath, Leinster, Ireland)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers4:26
2004-06-23By the Way (live, 2004-06-23: Cardiff, Wales, UK)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers5:16
2004-06By the Way (live, 2004-06: Hyde Park, London, UK)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers5:20
2004-10-23 – 2004-10-24By the Way (live, 2004-10-23/24: Bridgefoot School Benefit, Mountain View, CA, USA)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers5:16
2006-04-14By the Way (live, 2006-04-14: Canvas Club, London, UK)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers3:55
2006-09-25By the Way (live, 2006-09-25: Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers?:??
2007-07-07Can’t Stop / Dani California / So Much I / By the Way (live, 2007-07-07: Live Earth, Wembley Stadium, London, UK)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers18:17
2011-08-22By the Way (live, 2011-08-22: The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers?:??
2011-12-15By the Way (live, 2011-12-15: Palau Sant Jordi Arena, Barcelona, Spain)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers4:55
2012-09-10By the Way (live, 2012-09-10: Hayarkon, Tel Aviv, Israel)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers5:29
2012-09-27By the Way (live, 2012-09-27: Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, USA)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers5:13
2014-04-02By the Way (live, 2014-04-02: Hipódromo de San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers4:06
2014-06-14By the Way (live, 2014-06-14: Isle of Wight Festival, Seaclose Park, Isle of Wight, UK)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers4:26
2016-06-14By the Way (live, 2016-06-14: Canal+ Studios, Paris, France)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers3:55
2016-09-01By the Way (live, 2016-09-01: Papp Laszlo Sports Arena, Budapest, Hungary)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers4:52
2016-09-28By the Way (live, 2016-09-28: Madrid, Spain)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers?:??
2017-10-16By the Way (live, 2017-10-16: Denver, CO, USA)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers5:12
????-08-07By the Way (acoustic live, xxxx-08-07: The Edge 102.7, Toronto, Canada)liveRed Hot Chili Peppers5:00
By the Way (album version)Red Hot Chili Peppers3:38
By the WayliveRed Hot Chili Peppers4:32
By the Waycover and instrumentalEd Alleyne‐Johnson4:15
By the WaycoverRed Hot Chili Peppers Revival3:37
By the Way (part of “The $675.000 Mixtape” DJ-mix)Red Hot Chili Peppers?:??
By the Way (part of "The Pacha Experience 2" DJ mix)Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Si Paul2:52
By the WaycoverVitamin String Quartet2:56
By the Waycover and partialRenaissance1:44
By the WaycoverThree Fall3:24
By the WayRed Hot Chili Peppers3:36
By the WaycoverShawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra3:36
By the WaycoverSweet Little Band?:??
By the WaycoverDave Dick3:18
By the Waycover and instrumentalPiano Tribute Players2:45
By the Way (single version)Red Hot Chili Peppers3:36
By the Way (René Amesz & Peter Gelderbloms Booty) (part of “Alexey Romeo: U.S.A.” DJ-mix)Red Hot Chili Peppers6:00
By the Way Riff (Joachim Garraud Mashup)partialRed Hot Chili Peppers vs. Sander van Doorn4:24
Soul Train (By the Way) (rough mix)Red Hot Chili Peppers3:35
Waiting 4coverPeter Gelderblom2:59