written in:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (from 1985-12 until 1986-02)
writer:Bryan Adams (Canadian singer/songwriter) (from 1985-12 until 1986-02)
Jim Vallance (from 1985-12 until 1986-02)
publisher:Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)
Testatyme Music
Adams Communications Inc. (in 1987)
Calypso Toonz (in 1987)
Irving Music, Inc. (in 1987)


1986-09-12Heat of the NightBryan Adams5:09
1988-01Heat of the Night (live, 1988-01: Providence, RI, USA)liveBryan Adams4:58
1988-07-03Heat of the Night (live, 1988‐07‐03: Rock Werchter, Werchter, Flemish Brabant, Belgium)liveBryan Adams5:17
1988-07-06Heat of the Night (live, 1988-07-06: Arena Civica (Arena Gianni Brera), Milan, Milano, Italy)liveBryan Adams5:01
1989-12-31Heat of the Night (live, 1989-12-31: Tokyo Dome, Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan)liveBryan Adams4:21
1991-12-04In the Heat of the Night (live, 1991-12-04: “Hallenstadion”, Zürich, Switzerland)liveBryan Adams5:47
2011-09-17 – 2011-09-19In the Heat of the Night (live, 2013: Sydney, Australia)liveBryan Adams4:02
Heat of the Night (live)liveBryan Adams4:53
Heat of the NightBryan Adams5:07
Heat of the NightBryan Adams4:21
Heat of the NightBryan Adams5:06
Heat of the Night (live)liveBryan Adams5:38
Heat of the Night (live)liveBryan Adams5:33
Heat of the Night (live)liveBryan Adams5:20
In the Heat of the NightliveBryan Adams2:50