The Model (Kraftwerk)

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Duration: 00:03:38

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lyricist and additional translator:Ralf Hütter
Emil Schult
composer:Karl Bartos
Ralf Hütter
Wikipedia:en: Das Model [info]
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Wikidata:Q136983 [info]
later versions:The Model (Big Black)
translated version of:Das Modell


1981-07-03The Model (live, 1981-07-03: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK)liveKraftwerk4:13
1981-07-06The Model (live, 1981-07-06: Captain Vidéo, Paris, France)liveKraftwerk4:07
1981-09-13The Model (live, 1981-09-13: Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall, Nagoya, Japan)liveKraftwerk3:33
1983The ModelinstrumentalStar Inc.1:11
1991-07-15The Model (live, 1991-07-15: Hummingbird, Birmingham, UK)liveKraftwerk3:44
1991-11The ModelcoverMegabeat6:18
1992-04-03The Modelcover and liveZeni Geva & Steve Albini2:26
1998-06-11The Model (live, 1998-06-11: State Theater, Detroit, MI, USA)liveKraftwerk3:43
2002-09-25The Model (live, 2002-09-25: Cité de la Musique, Paris, France)liveKraftwerk3:43
2004-03-20The ModelliveKraftwerk3:41
2004-03-20The Model (live, 2004-03-20: Brixton Academy, London, UK)Kraftwerk3:42
2006-03-04The Model (live, 2006-03-04: Roncalli Variety Theatre and Cafe, Aachen, Germany)cover and liveh2:39
2010-04-17The Model (live, 2010‐04‐17: Wild at Heart, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany)cover and liveThe Members5:25
2017-06-15 – 2017-06-16The ModelcoverJohn Hollenbeck Large Ensemble4:41
She’s a ModelcoverPsukai4:12
The Future Mix (Radio Version)cover, instrumental, medley and partialStar Voyager3:51
The modelcoverDub Sweden6:29
The ModelcoverDJ Murphy5:39
The ModelcoverMorningrise4:30
The Modelcover and liveIsa & The Filthy Tongues4:07
The ModelliveKraftwerk4:08
The ModelliveKraftwerk3:53
The ModelcoverThe Bad Shepherds4:20
The ModelcoverTangerine Dream5:30
The ModelcoverSnakefinger3:42
The ModelcoverAlien Skin4:54
The Modelcover and instrumentalStar Inc.3:43
The Modelcover and instrumentalEd Starink3:41
The ModelcoverDemolition Group5:02
The Modelcover and instrumentalThe Galaxy Sound Orchestra3:40
The ModelcoverNullsleep3:57
The ModelKraftwerk2:49
The ModelKraftwerk3:42
The ModelKraftwerk3:39
The ModelKraftwerk12:08
The ModelKraftwerk3:40
The ModelKraftwerk3:36
The ModelKraftwerk3:39
The ModelKraftwerk3:44
The ModelKraftwerk3:39
The ModelKraftwerk3:42
The ModelKraftwerk4:01
The ModelKraftwerk3:19
The ModelKraftwerk3:39
The Model (part of “As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Pt. 8” DJ-mix)Kraftwerk1:41
The ModelKraftwerk3:38
The ModelKraftwerk3:39
The ModelKraftwerk3:40
The ModelKraftwerk3:40
The Model (trance edition)cover and instrumentalEd Starink3:23
The ModelcoverThe Members5:14
The ModelcoverThe Members5:15
The ModelcoverThe Members5:10
The ModelcoverKing Automatic2:31
The ModelcoverFunkstar De Luxe5:05
The ModelcoverWarm Jets3:00
The Modelcover and liveThe Members5:06
The ModelcoverGrosstracktor3:32
The ModelcoverBlue Ant3:57
The ModelcoverNeztic5:35
The ModelcoverSomegirl4:19
The ModelKraftwerk3:40
The Modelcover and instrumentalEd Starink2:39
The Modelcover and instrumentalEd Starink3:41
The ModelcoverAmbidextrous5:17
The ModelcoverIndex5:20
The Modelcover布袋寅泰3:06
The ModelcoverZoot Woman3:31
The ModelcoverSomegirl4:18
The ModelcoverIndex5:23
The Modelcoverヒカシュー3:11
The ModelKraftwerk3:39
The ModelKraftwerk3:41
The Model (live, 1981-09-13: Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall, Nagoya, Japan)Kraftwerk3:33
The ModelKraftwerk3:53
The ModelKraftwerk3:40
The ModelKraftwerk3:31
The Model (live, 1981-07-03: Hammersmith Odeon, London, England, UK)Kraftwerk4:13
The Model (live, 1998-06-11: State Theater, Detroit, MI, USA)Kraftwerk3:43
The ModelKraftwerk4:08
The ModelKraftwerk3:40
The Model (live, 1991-07-15: Hummingbird, Birmingham, UK)Kraftwerk3:44
The Model (live, 2004-03-20: Brixton Academy, London, UK; 5.1 mix)Kraftwerk3:42
The ModelKraftwerk3:51
The Model (live, 1981-05-19: Apollo Theatre, Firenze, Italy)Kraftwerk?:??
The Model (live, 1981-07-06: Captain Vidéo, Paris, France)Kraftwerk4:07
The ModelKraftwerk3:41
The ModelcoverThe Housewives3:29
The ModelcoverElectro Lounge All Stars4:15
The ModelcoverCardinals Folly5:45
The ModelKraftwerk3:41
The ModelcoverCanasta3:38
The Modelcover and instrumentalNylon 66'ers3:38
The Modelcover and instrumentalNylon 66'ers3:37
The ModelcoverKlauss3:58
The Model (3-D)Kraftwerk3:40
The Model (1998 remix)coverヒカシュー3:11
The Model (Artcore MixKraftwerk3:51
The Model (Big Drum mix)coverSheweird?:??
The Model (Catbonic mix)Kraftwerk5:20
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