lyricist and composer:Tim Hardin
publisher:Allen Stanton Productions
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later translated versions:Blijven geloven in jou
Vergeet en vergeef


1966-11-01Reason to BelievecoverBobby Darin2:04
1971-01Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart4:08
1993-02-05Reason to Believe (unplugged)cover and liveRod Stewart4:08
1993-09-29Reason to Believe (live, 1993-09-29: Late Show with David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theater, New York, NY, USA)cover and liveRod Stewart3:35
1993-10-20(Find a) Reason to Believe (live, 1993-10-20: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA)liveRod Stewart3:37
1996-09-23Reason to BelievecoverRamblin’ Jack Elliott3:29
2004-10-13Reason to Believe (live, 2004-10-13: Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP, UK)cover and liveRod Stewart3:53
(Find a) Reason to BelieveRod Stewart4:10
(Find a) Reason to BelieveRod Stewart4:08
(Find a) Reason to BelieveRod Stewart4:08
A Letter Home (intro #2) / Reason to Believe (“direct feed from the booth” audiophile version)coverNeil Young3:16
A Letter Home intro #2 / Reason to BelievecoverNeil Young2:47
A Reason to BelievecoverWilson Phillips4:04
Find a Reason to BelievecoverThe Sandpipers2:04
Medley: 1. Reason to Believe / 2. You Wear It Well / 3. Maggie May / 4. You’re in My Heartcover, live and medleyRod Stewart10:30
Reason to believecoverRicky Koole2:00
Reason to BelievecoverThe Nitty Gritty Dirt Band2:52
Reason to BelievecoverGary Lewis & the Playboys2:40
Reason to BelievecoverScott McKenzie2:24
Reason to BelievecoverIan & Sylvia2:16
Reason to BelievecoverHearts and Flowers2:10
Reason to BelievecoverPeter, Paul & Mary2:12
Reason to BelievecoverBrainbox2:24
Reason to BelievecoverVince Guaraldi2:58
Reason to BelievecoverCamper Van Chadbourne2:40
Reason to BelievecoverStina Nordenstam4:12
Reason to BelievecoverRon Sexsmith3:12
Reason to BelievecoverJohn Stewart2:05
Reason to BelievecoverVonda Shepard3:38
Reason to BelievecoverAled Jones3:37
Reason to BelievecoverMason Williams3:04
Reason to BelievecoverSpin 1ne 2wo3:37
Reason to BelievecoverJackie DeShannon3:00
Reason to BelievecoverLobo3:35
Reason to BelievecoverJohnny Cash2:08
Reason to BelievecoverGove Scrivenor4:05
Reason to BelievecoverDon Williams2:25
Reason to BelievecoverCarpenters4:11
Reason to Believe (unplugged)cover and liveRod Stewart & Ronnie Wood3:44
Reason to BelievecoverRickie Lee Jones5:18
Reason to BelievecoverKaren Dalton2:24
Reason to BelievecoverBilly Edd Wheeler2:27
Reason to BelievecoverPeter Shelley?:??
Reason to BelievecoverPaul Holmes2:46
Reason to BelievecoverEddie Money4:04
Reason to BelievecoverNeil Young2:31
Reason to BelievecoverJuice Newton?:??
Reason to BelievecoverIan McShane3:03
Reason to Believecover許冠傑3:02
Reason to BelievecoverRed Allen & The Allen Brothers2:38
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart4:07
Reason to BelievecoverBobby Darin2:07
Reason to BelievecoverThe Motions?:??
Reason to BelievecoverRudy Bennett2:17
Reason to BelievecoverVanessa3:33
Reason to BelievecoverBrainbox?:??
Reason to BelieveRod Stewart with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra3:54
Reason to BelievecoverStills & Collins2:57
Reason to Believecover and liveBilly Bragg2:11
Reason to BelievecoverGlen Campbell2:19
Reason to BelieveTim Hardin1:59
Reason to BelievecoverCarpenters3:04
Reason to BelievecoverMarianne Faithfull2:22
Reason to Believe (stereo)coverThe Youngbloods2:24
Reason to BelievecoverCher2:29
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart4:11
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart?:??
Reason to BelieveTim Hardin2:01
Reason to BelievecoverRamblin’ Jack Elliott2:04
Reason to BelieveTim Hardin1:59
Reason to BelievecoverAndy Williams2:58
Reason to BelievecoverThe Dillards2:24
Reason to BelievecoverThe Youngbloods2:27
Reason to BelievecoverDean Dyson3:10
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart3:49
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart4:10
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart4:10
Reason to Believe (unplugged)cover and liveRod Stewart with Ronnie Wood3:53
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart4:11
Reason to Believecover and liveRod Stewart?:??
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart3:58
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart3:46
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart3:43
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart3:47
Reason to BelievecoverRod Stewart2:43
Reason To BelieveliveTim Hardin4:42
Reason To BelievecoverThe Youngbloods2:27
Reason to Believe (album version)coverRod Stewart4:10
Reason to Believe (unplugged)cover and liveRod Stewart feat. Ronnie Wood3:54
Reasons to BelieveThe Motions2:21