lyricist and writer:David Bowie
composer:Lyle Mays
Pat Metheny
publisher:Donna Dijon Music Publications
Jones Music America
OPC Music Publishing, Inc.
Sony/ATV Music Publishing France
ソニー・ミュージックパブリッシング A事業部
渡辺音楽出版 CM事業部
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Wikidata:Q2563756 [info]
later translated versions:For This Is Not America


1984-09-18 – 1984-09-22This Is Not America (the theme from ‘The Falcon and the Snowman’)David Bowie / Pat Metheny Group3:51
1984This is Not AmericaDavid Bowie with The Pat Metheny Group3:51
2000-06-27This Is Not America (BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000)liveDavid Bowie3:45
2004-07-27 – 2004-07-29This Is Not Americacover and instrumentalCharlie Haden6:39
This is not Americacover[unknown]3:31
This is not AmericaEllen Andrea Wang4:34
This is Not AmericaliveDavid Bowie?:??
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie & Pat Metheny Group3:52
This Is Not America (instrumental)instrumentalDavid Bowie3:36
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie3:48
This Is Not AmericaThe Scumfrog vs. David Bowie9:12
This Is Not AmericacoverPetra Haden4:59
This Is Not Americacover and instrumentalAhn Trio5:39
This Is Not AmericacoverKartagon3:54
This Is Not AmericacoverMisty Woods3:40
This Is Not AmericacoverMicrosillon feat. Eugénie Alquezar2:51
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie?:??
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie?:??
This Is Not AmericaliveDavid Bowie3:45
This Is Not AmericacoverSouldiers feat. Charles Simmons3:50
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie & Pat Metheny3:51
This Is Not AmericacoverGuano Apes2:41
This Is Not AmericacoverClaudia Brücken & Paul Rutherford3:24
This Is Not AmericacoverClaudia Brücken feat. Paul Rutherford3:25
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie3:53
This Is Not AmericacoverDavid Fonseca & Márcia?:??
This Is Not AmericacoverYellow Phophet3:44
This Is Not AmericacoverSelfish Gene3:44
This Is Not AmericacoverThe Bogart’s Acoustic Trio3:27
This Is Not AmericacoverFaith & Harmony3:47
This Is Not AmericacoverLana Lane5:12
This Is Not AmericacoverXavier Naidoo3:40
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie & Pat Metheny Group5:39
This Is Not America (2016 version)coverIsgaard3:35
This Is Not America (2004 version)coverIsgaard3:19
This Is Not AmericaDavid Bowie3:49
This Is Not AmericaPat Metheny Group3:31
This Is Not America (part of a “Body Language, Vol. 9” DJ‐mix)David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group3:50
This Is Not America (Disconet remix)David Bowie7:00
This Is Not America (extended version)coverSouldiers feat. Charles Simmons6:16
This Is Not America (Ground Zero Hiroshima mix)coverSouldiers feat. Charles Simmons5:17
This Is Not America (instrumental)instrumentalDavid Bowie & Pat Metheny Group3:51
This Is Not America (interlude) (part of “Jazzanova: Blue Note Trip” DJ-mix)David Bowie & The Pat Metheny Group0:57
This Is Not America (radio edit)coverSouldiers feat. Charles Simmons3:46
This Is Not America (VMM remix)David Bowie4:07