lyricist and composer:Charles Singleton (composer/lyricist)
publisher:Carlin Music Corporation
Noma Music Inc.
Trio Music Co., Inc.


1964-04-07Help the PoorB.B. King2:37
1964-04-07Help the Poor (single version)coverB.B. King2:39
1964-11-21Help the Poorcover and liveB.B. King2:41
1964-11-21Help the Poor (live)cover and liveB.B. King2:38
Help the PoorcoverB.B. King2:38
Help the PoorB.B. King3:27
Help the PoorcoverB.B. King2:39
Help the PoorB.B. King2:38
Help the PoorcoverB.B. King3:30
Help the PoorLarry Davis3:53
Help the PoorB.B. King & Eric Clapton5:06
Help the Poorcover and liveB.B. King2:40
Help the PoorcoverB.B. King2:39
Help the PoorcoverB.B. King3:42
Help The PoorcoverB.B. King2:38
Help the Poor (5.1 mix)B.B. King & Eric Clapton5:06