lyricist and composer:Serge Gainsbourg
Wikidata:Q7884956 [info]
later translated versions:Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde (English version)


1967-12Bonnie and ClydeBrigitte Bardot en duo avec Serge Gainsbourg4:16
1967Bonnie and Clyde (remix 1986)Brigitte Bardot en duo avec Serge Gainsbourg4:11
1968Bonnie and ClydeBrigitte Bardot en duo avec Serge Gainsbourg4:16
1979-12-28Bonnie & Clyde (2006 remix, live, 1979-12-28: Théatre Le Palace, Paris)liveSerge Gainsbourg5:11
1985-10Bonnie and Clyde (live, 1985-10: Casino de Paris, Paris, France)liveSerge Gainsbourg5:01
1988-03Bonnie and Clyde (live 1988-03: Zénith, Paris, France)liveSerge Gainsbourg4:59
1998-01-26Medley "Cette année là" (live, 1998-01-26: Zénith, Paris)cover, live and medleyLes Enfoirés9:21
2017Bonnie and Clyde (SebastiAn remix)Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg3:09
Bonnie & ClydecoverMesser4:31
Bonnie & ClydecoverLucien Gainsbourg & Scarlett Johansson4:34
Bonnie & Clyde (Herbert's Fred & Ginger mix)Serge Gainsbourg7:30
Bonnie and ClydecoverMarie France4:22
Bonnie and ClydeSerge Gainsbourg4:15
Bonnie and ClydecoverGastmans - Morgan4:57
Bonnie and Clyde (live, 1979-12-28: Théatre Le Palace, Paris)Serge Gainsbourg & The Revolutionaries5:10
Bonnie and Clydecover and instrumentalPierre-Alain Goualch6:13
Bonnie and ClydeliveSerge Gainsbourg5:00
Bonnie and ClydeSerge Gainsbourg?:??
Bonnie and ClydeSerge Gainsbourg4:11
Bonnie and ClydeliveLuna6:05
Bonnie and ClydeLuna5:30
Bonnie and ClydeLuna5:37
Bonnie and Clyde (Bonnie Parker version)Luna6:16
Bonnie and Clyde (Clyde Barrow version)Luna5:28
The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde (Bonnie & Clyde)coverJames Iha & Kazu Makino4:25