Nonesuch Explorer Series (pseudo-series; please add releases to corresponding release series of the relevant timeframe)

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There are four series under the Nonesuch Explorer brand. Each has a distinct logo.

The series started in 2002 consists of the following sub-series

  • Explorer Series: Caribbean
  • Explorer Series: Central Asia
  • Explorer Series: East Asia
  • Explorer Series: Europe
  • Explorer Series: India
  • Explorer Series: Indonesia
  • Explorer Series: Latin America
  • Explorer Series: South Pacific
  • Explorer Series: Tibet
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Release Groups

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subseries:Elektra Nonesuch Explorer Series (1987-1995)
Nonesuch Explorer Series (2002)
Nonesuch Explorer Series (1967–1984)
ノンサッチ・エクスプローラー50+ (a series of 55 Japanese reissues of earlier Nonesuch Explorer releases)
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