CD 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
1 Perpetuum Mobile Op257 - a musical joke Johann Strauss 2:51
2 As If We Never Said Goodbye Don Black / Christopher Hampton / Amy Powers / Andrew Lloyd Webber 3:10
3 The Music Of The Night Charles Hart / Richard Stilgoe / Andrew Lloyd Webber arranged by David Cullen 4:36
4 My Favourite Things Oscar Hammerstein II / Richard Rodgers 3:25
5 Link into 'Creole Love Call' 2'17'' Cantabile: The London Quartet 2:16
6 Creole Love Call Billy Strayhorn / Duke Ellington, arranged by Cantabile 3:35
7 Leningrad Billy Joel 4:28
8 London By Night Carol Coates, arranged by Cantabile, piano underscore arranged by Nigel Cook 2:07
9 Orpheus In The Underground John Hudson / Cantabile / Jacques Offenbach 2:12
10 Starlight Express Richard Stilgoe / Andrew Lloyd Webber, arranged by David Cullen, piano reduction by Nigel Cook 3:27
11 Five Guys Named Moe Larry Wynn / Jerome Bresler, arranged by David Cullen 1:34
12 I Won't Send Roses Jerry Herman 2:03
13 Why God, Why? Richard Maltby, Jr. / Alain Boublil / Claude‐Michel Schönberg 2:00
14 Bring Him Home Herbert Kretzmer / Alain Boublil / Claude‐Michel Schönberg, arranged by David Cullen 3:43
15 Lambeth Walk Douglas Furber / Arthur L. Rose / Noel Gay 4:00
16 Fils De (Son Of...) Jacques Brel / Gérard Jouannest 4:20
17 Strangers In The Night Eddie Snyder / Charles Singleton / Bert Kaempfert 3:33
18 Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Tim Rice / Elton John 4:00
19 Pie Jesu Andrew Lloyd Webber 4:12


CD 1

additional lyricist:
Amy Powers (track 2)
Richard Stilgoe (track 3)
Erwin Bootz (track 1)
Carroll Coates (track 8)
Duke Ellington (US composer, pianist & jazz bandleader) (track 6)
Jerry Herman (track 12)
Billy Joel (track 7)
Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre) (tracks 2–3, 10, 19)
Elton John (English singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer) (track 18)
Gérard Jouannest (French musician & songwriter) (track 16)
Bert Kaempfert (German orchestra leader, producer and songwriter) (track 17)
Jacques Offenbach (track 9)
Richard Rodgers (track 4)
Claude‐Michel Schönberg (tracks 13–14)
Johann Strauss (Austro-German composer, „Walzerkönig“, Johann Strauss II, Sohn, Jr., the Younger, the Son) (track 1)
Noel Gay (1937) (track 15)
Don Black (English lyricist) (track 2)
Alain Boublil (tracks 13–14)
Jacques Brel (track 16)
Carroll Coates (track 8)
Duke Ellington (US composer, pianist & jazz bandleader) (track 6)
Oscar Hammerstein II (collab with Rodgers) (track 4)
Charles Hart (British lyricist) (track 3)
Jerry Herman (track 12)
John Hudson (British actor) (track 9)
Billy Joel (track 7)
Herbert Kretzmer (track 14)
Andrew Lloyd Webber (English composer and impresario of musical theatre) (track 19)
Richard Maltby, Jr. (track 13)
Tim Rice (track 18)
Charles Singleton (composer/lyricist) (track 17)
Eddie Snyder (track 17)
Richard Stilgoe (track 10)
Douglas Furber (1937) (track 15)
L. Arthur Rose (1937) (track 15)
Arif Mardin (track 7)
Larry Wynn (track 11)
Alain Boublil Music (track 14)
Alain Boublil Music Ltd. (tracks 13–14)
Barton Music Corp. (track 8)
Champion Music (track 17)
EMI Music Publishing Germany (GmbH & Co. KG) (track 17)
EMI Songs Ltd. (track 7)
Edwin H. Morris & Co., Inc. (a division of MPL Communications Inc.) (track 12)
Jerryco Music Co. (track 12)
MCA Music Ltd. (track 19)
Screen Gems–EMI Music, Inc. (USA, affiliated with BMI) (track 17)
The Really Useful Group Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track 2)
The Really Useful Music Co. Ltd. (not for release label use!) (tracks 3, 10, 19)
Universal MCA Music Publishing (US film music publisher) (track 17)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track 3)
Universal/MCA Music Ltd. (not for release label use!) (track 17)
WATANABE MUSIC PUBLISHING CO., LTD. (Japanese publisher, 1962–present) (track 14)
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09) (track 14)
Wonderland Music Company, Inc. (US work publisher, affiliated with BMI) (track 18)
ヤマハミュージックエンタテインメントホールディングス (holding company - do not use as release label) (tracks 4, 12)
Joelsongs (1989) (track 7)
part of:
Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 67) (order: 61) (track 18)
arrangement of:
Adre’n ôl (translated) (track 14)
Anthem fawr y nos (translated) (track 3)
My Favourite Things (Arrangement for piano by Stephen Hough) (track 4)
Pie Jesu from "Requiem" (for brass, Pearson) (track 19)
cover recording of:
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King) (track 18)
Fils de… (track 16)
The Lambeth Walk (track 15)
is based on:
Orphée aux enfers (opéra féerie in four acts, 1874) (track 9)
is the basis for:
7 rings (track 4)
Fremde in der Nacht (dt. Version) (track 17)
떠돌이별 (track 4)
later parody versions:
Duelling Pianos (medley of parodies of Sondheim's and Lloyd Webber's musical hits) (track 3)
later translated versions:
Breng hem thuis (track 14)
Bring ihn Heim (track 14)
Comme un homme (track 14)
Das Phantom der Oper: Die Musik der Dunkelheit (alternate lyric version to "Die Musik der Nacht") (track 3)
I’m Not Afraid (track 16)
Kinder (Michael Heltau version) (track 16)
L'amour brille sous les étoiles (Le Roi Lion) (track 18)
Lambeth Walk (Latvian version) (track 15)
Lapset (track 16)
Lapset (track 16)
Led hans väg (track 14)
Muukalaiset yössä (track 17)
Pieśń o miłości (track 18)
Sons of… (track 16)
Sálvalo (track 14)
Sálvalo (track 14)
Étrangers dans la nuit (Strangers in the Night) (track 17)
Путники в ночи (Translation of "Strangers in the Night") (track 17)
彼を帰して (track 14)
愛を感じて (track 18)
流星无悔 (track 18)
神よ何故? (track 13)
later versions:
As If We Never Said Goodbye (Barbra Streisand's Back to Brooklyn version) (track 2)
Favorite Things (track 4)
Le Lambeth Walk (track 15)
part of:
De Leeuwenkoning (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, Dutch version) (track 18)
Der König der Löwen (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, German version) (track 18)
El Rey León (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, Spanish version) (track 18)
Król lew (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, Polish version) (track 18)
Le Roi Lion (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, French version) (track 18)
Leijonakuningas (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, Finnish version) (track 18)
O Rei Leão (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, Portuguese version) (track 18)
O Rei Leão (The Lion King 1994 film soundtrack, Brazilian Portuguese version) (track 18)
Starlight Express (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (track 10)
Sunset Boulevard (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (track 2)
The Lion King (1994 film soundtrack) (track 18)
The Lion King (stage musical) (track 18)
The Sound of Music (Rodgers & Hammerstein musical) (order: 4) (track 4)
Requiem (order: 5) (track 19)
Miss Saigon (order: 7) (track 13)
The Lion King (2019 film soundtrack) (order: 7) (track 18)
The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (number) (order: 7) (track 3)
The Phantom of the Opera (2004 film soundtrack) (order: 8) (track 3)
Les Misérables (Claude-Michel Schönberg musical, English version) (order: 39) (track 14)
recording of:
As If We Never Said Goodbye (Sunset Boulevard) (track 2)
Bring Him Home (Valjean) (track 14)
Creole Love Call (track 6)
Five Guys Named Moe (track 11)
I Won’t Send Roses (Mack and Mabel) (track 12)
Leningrad (track 7)
London by Night (track 8)
My Favorite Things (The Sound of Music) (track 4)
Perpetuum Mobile (Comedian Harmonists arrangement) (track 1)
Requiem: Pie Jesu (track 19)
Starlight Express (track 10)
The Music of the Night (The Phantom of the Opera) (track 3)
Why God, Why? (Miss Saigon) (track 13)
referred to in medleys:
4 Chords (Unicante 2013 version) (track 18)
Popurijs Mūzikas skaņas (selections from The Sound of Music) (track 4)
The Phantom of the Opera (arr. Sweeney for wind band) (track 3)
The Sound of Music Suite (order: 2) (track 4)