Cassette 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Le Grand Bleu (ouverture) 4:57
A2 Ushuaïa (générique) 2:48
A3 Spiral 3:37
A4 Équinoxe (partie 4) 4:24
A5 Magic Fly 3:08
A6 The Force 3:37
A7 Croisière Intergalactique 4:17
B1 L’Opéra sauvage (L’Enfant) 5:06
B2 Zoolookologie 4:02
B3 The Model 3:41
B4 China 4:56
B5 Bilitis 3:34
B6 Le Boléro 6:26
B7 The Gold Bug 4:34


Cassette 1

Ed Starink (keyboardist, songwriter & producer) (track A3)
additional composer:
Ed Starink (keyboardist, songwriter & producer) (track B6)
additional translator:
Ralf Hütter (track B3)
Emil Schult (track B3)
Ed Starink (keyboardist, songwriter & producer) (track A3)
Florian Schneider (founding member of Kraftwerk) (track A7)
Karl Bartos (track B3)
Fabrice Cuitad (track A6)
Anne Dudley (track A7)
Ecama (track A5)
Jan Hammer (track A7)
Yves Hayat (track A6)
Trevor Horn (track A7)
Jean‐Michel Jarre (tracks A4, A4, A7, B2)
J.J. Jeczalik (track A7)
Francis Lai (French composer) (track B5)
Gary Langan (track A7)
Paul Morley (track A7)
Giorgio Moroder (track A7)
Alan Parsons (of The Alan Parsons Project) (track B7)
Serge Perathoner (track A2)
Maurice Ravel (classical composer) (track B6)
Éric Serra (track A1)
Vangelis (Greek composer of electronic, new age and classical) (tracks A3, A7–B1, B4)
Eric Woolfson (track B7)
Ralf Hütter (tracks A7, B3)
Florian Schneider (founding member of Kraftwerk) (track A7)
Ralf Hütter (tracks A7, B3)
Emil Schult (tracks A7, B3)
Ed Starink (keyboardist, songwriter & producer) (tracks A1–A6, B1–B7)
Ed Starink (keyboardist, songwriter & producer) (track A3)
recording engineer:
Ed Starink (keyboardist, songwriter & producer) (track A3)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (track A7)
Spheric B.V. (1979) (track B4)
Chariots of Fire (piano version) (track A7)
cover recording of:
Bilitis (track B5)
China (track B4)
L’Opéra sauvage (track B1)
Magic Fly (original Ecama version) (track A5)
Spiral (track A3)
The Big Blue Overture (Le Grand Bleu) (track A1)
The Gold Bug (track B7)
Ushuaïa (track A2)
Zoolookologie (track B2)
Équinoxe, Part 4 (track A4)
instrumental cover recording of:
The Model (Kraftwerk) (track B3)
Équinoxe, Part 4 (track A4)
is the basis for:
Moments in Soul (track A7)
Race to the End (song version of Chariots of Fire: Titles) (track A7)
The Second Time (track B5)
later translated versions:
later versions:
Crockett’s Theme (track A7)
Magic Fly (Nalin I.N.C. version) (track A5)
The Model (Big Black) (track B3)
medley including a partial cover recording of:
1. Chariots of Fire (title theme of the 1981 film) (track A7)
4. Crockett’s Theme (Miami Vice) (track A7)
5. Oxygène, Part IV (track A7)
6. Chase (track A7)
medley including a partial instrumental cover recording of:
2. Moments in Love (track A7)
3. Autobahn (track A7)
part of:
Oxygène (order: 4) (track A7)
Équinoxe (order: 4) (tracks A4, A4)
recording of:
Bolero (Starink version) (track B6)
translated version of:
Das Modell (track B3)
version of:
Boléro (track B6)

Release Group

part of:Synthétiseur : Les plus grands thèmes (number: 2) (order: 2)
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