Recorded live at Apollo Theatre, Firenze, Italy the 19th of May 1981.
Homecomputer is misspelled "Home Comeputer", It's More Fun To Compute is misspelled "More Fun To Computer", Neon Lights is misspelled "Neon Lichts", Pocket Calculator is misspelled "Pocket Calcylator" and The Robots is misspelled "We Are The Robots" on cover.
One disc is black, the other one is coloured vinyl.

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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Numbers ?:??
A2 Computerworld ?:??
A3 Homecomputer ?:??
A4 It's More Fun to Compute ?:??
A5 Computerlove ?:??
B1 The Model ?:??
B2 Neon Lights ?:??
B3 Radioactivity ?:??
B4 Ohm Sweet Ohm ?:??
C1 Autobahn ?:??
C2 Trans Europe Express ?:??
D1 Hall of Mirrors ?:??
D2 Les Mannequins ?:??
D3 Pocket Calculator ?:??
D4 The Robots ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

additional translator:
Ralf Hütter (track B1)
Emil Schult (track B1)
Karl Bartos (tracks A1–B2, D3–D4)
Kraftwerk (track D4)
Florian Schneider (founding member of Kraftwerk) (tracks A1, A3–A4, B2–C1, D4)
Ralf Hütter (tracks A1–D4)
Maxime Schmitt (track D2)
Florian Schneider (founding member of Kraftwerk) (tracks A2–A3, B3, C1, D1)
Ralf Hütter (tracks A1–A2, A4–B3, C1–D4)
Emil Schult (tracks A2, A5–B1, B3, C1–D1, D3)
Florian Schneider (founding member of Kraftwerk) (track A3)
Ralf Hütter (tracks A5, D3–D4)
Emil Schult (tracks A5, D3)
Kling Klang Music (tracks A1–A5, D3)
Sony/ATV Music Publishing, LLC (1995-2020) (track B2)
later translated parody versions:
Poro (track D4)
later versions:
The Model (Big Black) (track B1)
live recording of:
Autobahn (1981-05-19) (track C1)
Computer Love (1981-05-19) (track A5)
Computer World (1981-05-19) (track A2)
Home Computer (1981-05-19) (track A3)
It’s More Fun to Compute (1981-05-19) (track A4)
Les Mannequins (French Showroom Dummies) (1981-05-19) (track D2)
Neon Lights (1981-05-19) (track B2)
Numbers (1981-05-19) (track A1)
Ohm Sweet Ohm (1981-05-19) (track B4)
Pocket Calculator (1981-05-19) (track D3)
Radioactivity (1981-05-19) (track B3)
The Hall of Mirrors (1981-05-19) (track D1)
The Robots (1981-05-19) (track D4)
Trans‐Europe Express (1981-05-19) (track C2)
recording of:
The Model (Kraftwerk) (track B1)
translated version of:
Computer Liebe (track A5)
Computerwelt (track A2)
Das Modell (track B1)
Die Roboter (track D4)
Heimcomputer (track A3)
Neonlicht (track B2)
Nummern (track A1)
Radioaktivität (track B3)
Schaufensterpuppen (track D2)
Spiegelsaal (track D1)
Taschenrechner (track D3)