12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Just When You Thought It Was Over (intro) 0:12
A2 Constant Elevation 3 2:34
A3 Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide 4:17
A4 Defective Trip (Trippin') 4:36
A5 2 Cups of Blood 3.5 1:27
A6 Blood Brothers 4:47
A7 360 Questions 0:34
A8 1-800 Suicide 4 4:17
A9 Pass the Shovel 3:37
B1 Diary of a Madman 4.5 4:34
B2 Mommy, Whats a Gravedigga? 1:50
B3 Bang Your Head 5 3:20
B4 Here Comes the Gravediggaz 3:45
B5 Graveyard Chamber 4:56
B6 Deathtrap 2:57
B7 6 Feet Deep 4:36
B8 Rest in Peace (outro) 2:00


12" Vinyl 1

bass guitar:
Scott Harding (track B2)
Donald Newkirk (track B6)
additional guest vocals:
Ted Gannon (track B1)
James Jackson (US rapper Dinco D) (track B1)
Pedro Sime (track B1)
Skiz (track B1)
Raquelle Stroud (track B1)
Wildman Steve (hip-hop artist) (track B1)
Prince Paul (US hip hop DJ & producer) (tracks A1–A2, A5, A7–A8, B1, B3, B6, B8)
Prince Paul (US hip hop DJ & producer) (track B1)
Pedro Sime (track B4)
Walter Reed (tracks B1, B5)
James Dockery (track B5)
August Moon (funk/soul producer) (track B6)
David Collins (tracks B1, B5)
Tyrone Thomas (soul singer songwriter) (track B6)
guest other vocals:
Biz Markie (track A4)
Kurious (US rapper) (track A3)
guest vocals:
Scott Harding (track A8)
Eddie Berkeley (track A7)
Biz Markie (tracks A1, B8)
Djinji Brown (track A7)
Hellrazor (metal, alias of Richard Scott) (track A7)
I-Roc (tracks A1, B8)
Stephanie Jackson (vocalist) (tracks A1, B8)
Killah Priest (tracks B1, B5)
Dreddy Kruger (track B5)
Derrick Lovelace (track A7)
Masta Ace (the person, US rapper) (track B6)
Don McKenzie (tracks A1, B8)
Michael Preston (tracks A1, B8)
Vernon Reid (track A7)
Brother Rich (tracks A1, B8)
Robert Robinson (soul artist) (tracks A1, B8)
Ethan Ryman (tracks A1, B8)
Scientific Shabazz (tracks B1, B5)
Pedro Sime (tracks A1, B8)
Dave Warner (Rock, Pub Rock) (tracks A1, B8)
Tim Wright (Tim "Bimos" Wright) (tracks A1, B8)
Gatekeeper (NY rapper, Gatekeeper of Gravediggaz) (track A6)
Gravediggaz (tracks B5, B7)
RZA (US rapper / producer) (tracks B5, B7)
Grym Reaper (NY rapper) (track B4)
The Undertaker (US hip hop DJ & producer) (track A6)
Prince Paul (US hip hop DJ & producer) (tracks A1–A2, A5, A7–A8, B1, B3, B6, B8)
Pedro Sime (track B4)
Gatekeeper (NY rapper, Gatekeeper of Gravediggaz) (track A6)
Gravediggaz (track B7)
RNS (NY hip-hop producer) (track B1)
RZA (US rapper / producer) (tracks B1, B5, B7)
Pedro Sime (track B4)
Suicide Surprise by Wugazi (track A8)
sampled by:
Diary of a Madman by Cinikill feat. Ezekiel, AA & Nataslive (track B1)
Ära usu jama by Cool D (track A8)
Louie by Allen Toussaint (track A2)
Midnight Theme by Manzel (track B1)
Moshitup by Just‐Ice (track A8)
recording of:
1‐800 Suicide (track A8)
Deathtrap (track B6)
Diary of a Madman (track B1)
Graveyard Chamber (track B5)