12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 The Fatal Impact 2 3:24
A2 The Trial 3.5 3:54
A3 Frontier 3 3:16
A4 Fortune 3 3:49
A5 Ocean 3 3:22
B1 East of Eden 3 3:25
B2 Threshold 3 3:32
B3 A Passage in Time 3 4:06
B4 Wild in the Woods 2 3:49
B5 Musica Eternal 2 3:55


12" Vinyl 1

Gus Ferguson (Alexander James Ferguson) (tracks A5, B5)
Lisa Gerrard (tracks A1–A2, A5–B1, B5)
Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) (tracks A1–A2, A5–B1, B5)
Peter Urlich (New Zealand musician) (tracks A1, B1)
James Pinker (tracks A1–A2, A5–B1, B5)
Scott Roger (Dead Can Dance bassist) (tracks A1–A2, A5–B1, B5)
Peter Ulrich (tracks A2, A5, B5)
John Fryer (British producer and engineer) (tracks A1–B5)
Lisa Gerrard (track B3)
Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance) (track B3)
James Pinker (track B3)
Scott Roger (Dead Can Dance bassist) (track B3)
Peter Ulrich (track B3)
recording of:
A Passage in Time (track B3)
East of Eden (track B1)
Fortune (track A4)
Frontier (track A3)
Musica Eternal (track B5)
Ocean (track A5)
The Fatal Impact (track A1)
The Trial (track A2)
Threshold (track B2)
Wild in the Woods (track B4)

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