Deluxe Edition

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CD 1: Waltz Across Texas: Disc One
CD 2: Waltz Across Texas: Disc Two
CD 3: Hard-To-Find Hits: Disc One
CD 4: Hard-To-Find Hits: Disc Two
CD 5: Crazy Arms: Disc One
CD 6: Crazy Arms: Disc Two
CD 7: Honky-Tonk Man: Disc One
CD 8: Honky-Tonk Man: Disc Two
CD 9: The Wild Side of Life
CD 10: Hillbilly Heaven
CD 11: Sing Me Back Home: Disc One
CD 12: Sing Me Back Home: Disc Two
CD 13: Ring of Fire: Disc One
CD 14: Ring of Fire: Disc Two
CD 15: Don't Worry: Disc One
CD 16: Don't Worry: Disc Two
CD 17: Heartbreak U.S.A.: Disc One
CD 18: Heartbreak U.S.A.: Disc Two