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12" Vinyl 1: 1977‐1979
# Title Rating Length
A1 New Feeling 3.35 3:11
A2 A Clean Break 5 5:04
A3 Don’t Worry About the Goverment 3.5 3:04
A4 Pulled Up 3.5 4:06
A5 Psycho Killer 4.35 5:31
B1 Artists Only 5 3:50
B2 Stay Hungry 4 3:54
B3 Air 4 4:14
B4 Love → Building on Fire 4 3:40
B5 Memories Can’t Wait 5 3:52
12" Vinyl 2: 1980‐1981
# Title Rating Length
C1 I Zimbra 5 3:35
C2 Drugs 4 4:50
C3 Houses in Motion 3 6:57
C4 Life During Wartime 5 4:58
D1 The Great Curve 5 7:01
D2 Crosseyed and Painless 5 7:03
D3 Take Me to the River 5 6:41


12" Vinyl 1: 1977‐1979

assistant recording engineer:
Brian Eno (tracks B1–B2, B4–B5)
Brian Eno (1979-11-17) (track B3)
background vocals:
Tina Weymouth (1979-11-17) (track B3)
David Byrne (Talking Heads) (tracks A1–B4)
Chris Frantz (tracks A5, B2)
Tina Weymouth (track A5)
Wayne Zieve (track B1)
David Byrne (Talking Heads) (tracks A1, A3–A5, B3–B4)
David Byrne (Talking Heads) (track B5)
Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) (track B5)
recorded at:
Warner Bros. Music Ltd. (UK subsidiary, so named between 1970/01/23–1971/04/26 and 1972/04/25–1988/08/23) (tracks A1, A3–A5)
recorded at:
Northern Studio in Maynard, Massachusetts, United States (1977-11-17) (tracks A1–A5)
Capital Theater in Passaic, New Jersey, United States (1979-11-17) (tracks B1–B2, B4–B5)
Capitol Theatre in Passaic, New Jersey, United States (1979-11-17) (tracks B1–B3)
later parody versions:
Psycho Chicken (track A5)
later translated versions:
Bello (Italian version) (track B4)
Psycho Killer (track A5)
live recording of:
A Clean Break (Let's Work) (1977-11-17) (track A2)
Don’t Worry About the Government (1977-11-17) (track A3)
New Feeling (1977-11-17) (track A1)
Psycho Killer (1977-11-17) (track A5)
Pulled Up (1977-11-17) (track A4)
Air (1979-11-17) (track B3)
Artists Only (1979-11-17) (track B1)
Love → Building on Fire (1979-11-17) (track B4)
Memories Can’t Wait (1979-11-17) (track B5)
Stay Hungry (1979-11-17) (track B2)

12" Vinyl 2: 1980‐1981

background vocals:
Nona Hendryx (1980-08-27) (tracks C4, D3)
David Byrne (Talking Heads) (tracks C1, C3, D1)
Brian Eno (tracks C1, C3, D1)
Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) (track C3)
David Byrne (Talking Heads) (tracks C1, C3, D1)
Brian Eno (track C1)
David Byrne (Talking Heads) (tracks C2, C4, D2)
Brian Eno (tracks C2, D2)
Chris Frantz (track C4)
Al Green (track D3)
Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) (track C4)
Mabon Hodges (track D3)
Tina Weymouth (track C4)
Al Green Music Inc. (track D3)
Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (tracks C3, D1–D2)
Irving Music, Inc. (track D3)
recorded at:
Central Park in Manhattan, New York, New York, United States (1980-08-27) (tracks C4, D3)
later parody versions:
live cover recording of:
Take Me to the River (1980-08-27) (track D3)
live recording of:
Drugs (track C2)
Houses in Motion (track C3)
I Zimbra (track C1)
The Great Curve (track D1)
Life During Wartime (1980-08-27) (track C4)
referred to in medleys:
Life During Exodus (track C4)