12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 A Place Called Heaven 2:28
A2 These Bones Are Gonna Rise Again 2:05
A3 Goodbye My Friend 2:33
A4 Let’s Work While It’s Day ?:??
A5 I’d Like to Walk in the Garden 2:28
A6 Gospel Banjo (medley) 2:30
B1 I Learned About Heaven From Mama 2:37
B2 My Daddy Was a Preacher 1:49
B3 Born Again 2:19
B4 A King on Earth 2:34
B5 Go Down Pharoh 3:15
B6 Lowell’s Gospel 5 2:00


12" Vinyl 1

Jim Horn (Gospel guitar player, singer, writer) (tracks A3–A5, B1)
Buddy Starcher (track B4)
Lowell Varney (Bluegrass banjo player) (track B6)
Charlie Louvin (track B3)
Ira Louvin (track B3)
Jim Horn (Gospel guitar player, singer, writer) (track A1)
Lowell Varney (Bluegrass banjo player) (track A1)
cover recording of:
Born Again (track B3)
recording of:
A King on Earth (track B4)
Goodbye My Friend (track A3)
Lowell's Gospel 5 (track B6)


recorded in:Nashville, Tennessee, United States
producer:Bob Mooney (producer)
banjo:Lowell Varney (Bluegrass banjo player)
bass:Autry Inman
dobro:Charlie Nixon (US dobro player)
guitar:Jim Horn (Gospel guitar player, singer, writer)
bass vocals:Delbert Crum (gospel singer)
tenor vocals:Trenton Marcum (gospel singer)
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