‘Urban Warfare: Action Sci-Fi Epic Tracks’ is the 8th production album by Atom Music Audio, compiles together a score of 10 action trailer tracks that combines a mix of suspense, alien atmosphere, thematic & effective battle scenes, full-blown orchestral elements, heavy rhythms, haunting mystery, awe and harrowing jaw dropping fast paced adventure. It’s a perfect suit for an action film genre, conveying emotions of wonder and excitement all at the same time all rolled into one awesome and very compelling music album.

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Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Urban Warfare 2:18
2 Chaotic Dream 2:06
3 Champion 2:48
4 Ready to Launch 3:59
5 New Frontiers 2:52
6 Uprising 2:28
7 Lion Heart 2:36
8 Dark Side 3:03
9 Running 3:00
10 The Galaxy 3:41


Digital Media 1

Jin Woo Jung (tracks 1–10)
Jung Hyun Lee (tracks 1–10)
recording of:
Champion (track 3)
Chaotic Dream (track 2)
Dark Side (track 8)
Lion Heart (track 7)
New Frontiers (track 5)
Ready to Launch (track 4)
Running (track 9)
The Galaxy (track 10)
Uprising (track 6)
Urban Warfare (track 1)


mixer and mastering:Lyubomir Yordanov
graphic design:Nedko Chaushev
publisher:Atom Music Audio
purchase for download: [info] [info] (until 2020-10-12)
stream for free:!explorer?b=5097539 [info] [info]