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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 The Gambler 5 3:32
A2 Lady 3 3:51
A3 Don’t Fall in Love With a Dreamer 3:39
A4 Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town 4 2:48
A5 She Believes in Me 4:11
A6 Coward of the County 4:18
B1 Lucille 3:34
B2 You Decorated My Life 5 3:37
B3 Reuben James 2:37
B4 Love the World Away 3:11
B5 Every Time Two Fools Collide 3:00
B6 Long Arm of the Law 4:17


12" Vinyl 1

Steve Gibb (Stephen Mathias Gibb, singer-songwriter) (track A5)
Lionel Richie, Jr. (track A2)
Mel Tillis (tracks A4, A4)
Don Schlitz (track A1)
Billy Sherrill (US songwriter/producer/arranger) (tracks A1, A5)
guest performer:
Dottie West (track B5)
Kim Carnes (track A3)
lead vocals:
Kenny Rogers (US country singer, songwriter, actor, record producer & entrepreneur) (tracks A1–B6)
Kim Carnes (track A3)
Steve Gibb (Stephen Mathias Gibb, singer-songwriter) (track A5)
Lionel Richie, Jr. (track A2)
Mel Tillis (tracks A4, A4)
Dottie West (track B5)
Kim Carnes (track A3)
Larry Butler (US country music producer, songwriter & pianist) (tracks A1, A5)
Roger Bowling (tracks A6–B1, B6)
Hal Bynum (track B1)
Kim Carnes (track A3)
Janine Dyer (track B5)
Dave Ellingson (track A3)
Barry Etris (track B3)
Alex Harvey (American country singer of the early 70s) (track B3)
Debbie Hupp (track B2)
Bob Morrison (American songwriter) (tracks B2, B4)
Don Schlitz (track A1)
Jeff Tweel (track B5)
Billy Edd Wheeler (tracks A6, B6)
Johnny Wilson (track B4)
phonographic copyright by:
Liberty Records, Inc. (1977) (tracks A4, B1, B3)
Liberty Records, Inc. (1978) (tracks A1, A5, B5)
Liberty Records, Inc. (1979) (tracks A6, B2)
Elektra/Asylum Records (not for release label use! copyrights holder, distributor within the US) (1980) (track B4)
Liberty Records, Inc. (1980) (tracks A2–A3, B6)
ATV Music Corp. (tracks B1, B6)
Angel Wing Music (track A5)
Appian Music Co. (track A3)
Brockman Music (track A2)
Roger Bowling Music (track A6)
Sleepy Hollow Music Corp. (tracks A6, B6)
Unart Music Corp. (track B3)
Universal PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. (existed only since ca. 1998) (track A5)
recorded at:
cover recording of:
She Believes in Me (track A5)
The Gambler (track A1)
later translated versions:
Aşkım (track A2)
Bluffers & suffers (track A1)
Marie-An (track B1)
Peluri (track A1)
Yksin (Lionel Richie cover) (track A2)
Zij gelooft in mij (track A5)
later versions:
Lucille (German version) (track B1)
Ruby (German version) (tracks A4, A4)
Ruby, tu reviens au pays (tracks A4, A4)
recording of:
Coward of the County (1979 song) (track A6)
Lady (track A2)
Long Arm of the Law (track B6)
Love the World Away (track B4)
Lucille (track B1)
Reuben James (track B3)

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