12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Everybody Loves Somebody 5 ?:??
A2 Your Other Love ?:??
A3 Shutters and Boards ?:??
A4 Baby-O ?:??
A5 A Little Voice ?:??
A6 Things ?:??
B1 My Heart Cries for You ?:??
B2 Siesta Fiesta ?:??
B3 From Lover to Lover ?:??
B4 Just Close Your Eyes ?:??
B5 Corrine Corrina ?:??
B6 Face in a Crowd ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

additional writer:
Percy Faith (tracks B1, B1)
Carl Sigman (tracks B1, B1)
Sam Coslow (tracks A1, A1)
Bobby Darin (tracks A6, A6)
Ken Lane (tracks A1, A1)
Sam Coslow (tracks A1, A1)
Bobby Darin (tracks A6, A6)
Irving Taylor (tracks A1, A1)
Jimmy Bowen (track A1)
Mark Barkan (track B2)
Claude Baum (track B4)
John Gluck (track A5)
Arthur Kent (track B3)
Audie Murphy (songwriter) (track A3)
Doc Pomus (track A2)
Ben Raleigh (track B2)
Ramona Redd (track B6)
Johnny Rotella (1950s US drummer) (track B4)
Mort Shuman (track A2)
Mitchell Torok (track B6)
Scott Turner (track A3)
Ed Warren (US songwriter Edward C. Warren) (track B3)
Sidney Welch (track A5)
Alley Music Corp. (tracks A6, A6)
Sands Music Corp. (tracks A1, A1)
Trio Music Company (tracks A6, A6)
cover recording of:
Shutters & Boards (track A3)
Things (track A6)
is based on:
La Jardinière du roi (tracks B1, B1)
later translated versions:
Kurkkija oot (tracks A6, A6)
Mon cœur pleure pour vous (tracks B1, B1)
Toen (tracks A6, A6)
later versions:
Filles (tracks A6, A6)
recording of:
A Little Voice (track A5)
Face in a Crowd (track B6)
From Lover to Loser (track B3)
Siesta Fiesta (track B2)
Things (track A6)
Your Other Love (track A2)
referred to in medleys:
Dean Martin medley (order: 2) (tracks A1, A1)