12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 Lisa (The Passion) 3:01
A2 Prostitute I 3:01
A3 The Burden of Mules 3:43
A4 Complete and Utter 3:40
A5 Prostitute II 3:26
A6 Slow as a Child 6:36
B1 Journalists 3:32
B2 Give It Back 6:04
B3 On the Hill 10:59


12" Vinyl 1

recording of:
Complete and Utter (track A4)
Give It Back (track B2)
Journalists (track B1)
Lisa (The Passion) (track A1)
On the Hill (track B3)
Prostitute I (track A2)
Prostitute II (track A5)
Slow as a Child (track A6)
The Burden of Mules (track A3)

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