12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 A-Me-Ri-Ca ?:??
A2 If I Had a Hammer ?:??
A3 Bye Bye Blackbird ?:??
A4 Cielito lindo ?:??
A5 This Land Is Your Land ?:??
A6 What’d I Say ?:??
B1 La bamba ?:??
B2 Granada ?:??
B3 Medley: Gotta Travel On / Down by the Riverside / Marianne / When the Saints Go Marching In / Volare ?:??
B4 Unchain My Heart ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

Trini Lopez (American singer and guitarist) (track A4)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track B1)
Agustín Lara (1932) (track B2)
Woody Guthrie (American singer-songwriter) (1940) (track A5)
Ray Charles (soul musician, singer and songwriter) (track A6)
Leonard Bernstein (US composer & conductor) (track A1)
Ray Henderson (1926) (track A3)
Stephen Sondheim (track A1)
[traditional] (Special Purpose Artist) (track B1)
Mort Dixon (1926) (track A3)
Agustín Lara (1932) (track B2)
Woody Guthrie (American singer-songwriter) (1940) (track A5)
Ray Charles (soul musician, singer and songwriter) (track A6)
Ray Charles (soul musician, singer and songwriter) (track A6)
Teddy Powell (track B4)
Bobby Sharp (track B4)
Lee Hays (1949) (track A2)
Pete Seeger (1949) (track A2)
Mijac Music (track A6)
Progressive Music (publisher) (track A6)
Ray Henderson Music (track A3)
Redwood Music Ltd. (Carlin) (track A3)
Southern Music Co. (track B2)
Universal/MCA Music (music publisher; do not use as release label!) (track A1)
Warner Bros., Inc. (not for release label use!) (track A3)
Warner–Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track A6)
Peer International Corp. (1932 –) (track B2)
Cielito lindo (for string quartet, Hernández) (track A4)
This Land is Your Land (arr. Percy Faith) (track A5)
cover recording of:
is based on:
is the basis for:
Tekno-Kara (track B1)
Vi er Kara (track B1)
You, Me, and Us (track A4)
later parody versions:
Bye Bye Blumberg (track A3)
La Ganja (track B1)
Lasagna (track B1)
later translated parody versions:
Smølfe Samba (track B1)
later translated versions:
America (West Side Story, Japanese version) (track A1)
America (track A1)
Amerika je Amerika (track A1)
Bylo by to krásný (track A2)
Datemi un martello (track A2)
Esta es tu tierra (track A5)
Esta tierra es tuya (track A5)
Granada (German version) (track B2)
Granada (English version, lyrics by Dorothy Dodd) (track B2)
Mae'n Wlad I Mi (track A5)
Oh had ik 'n hamer (track A2)
later versions:
America (track A1)
Délivre-moi (Unchain My Heart) (track B4)
La bamba (additional lyrics by Ritchie Valens) (track B1)
This Land Is Your Land (Canadian version) (track A5)
Zeg niet nee (track A6)
live cover recording of:
Cielito lindo (track A4)
If I Had a Hammer (track A2)
Unchain My Heart (track B4)
West Side Story: America (Anita, Shark Girls) (track A1)
What’d I Say (track A6)
live recording of:
Bye Bye Blackbird (track A3)
Granada (original Spanish version) (track B2)
La bamba (track B1)
part of:
West Side Story (order: 8) (track A1)
referred to in medleys:
Let's Have Another Party (Winifred Atwell medley) (track A3)
West Side Story Suite (order: 2) (track A1)
West Side Story Medley (Clayderman) (order: 3) (track A1)
“Unbegun” Symphony: Minuet (order: 3) (track A4)
Veracruz 500 Años (order: 5) (track B1)
West Side Story (Peter Riese arrangement) (order: 5) (track A1)