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Cassette 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 memory recall b o d y l i n e 6:23
A2 city bl00dwave 1:36
A3 OCEAN BREEZE Architecture in Tokyo 2:00
A4 waterfallカスケード Windows彡96 2:20
A5 甘い Eternity WΔll Flowers 2:49
A6 奪う TANE IS LOVE 4:45
A7 Webcast Concert Curb Cobain 2:45
A8 4k x-reality pro VHSテープリワインダー 2:06
A9 Fuck Business Casual Mike Tenay 2:30
A10 quivering chris††† 3:53
A11 あなたか壊している My Heart WΔll Flowers 3:03
A12 Phaneron TANE IS LOVE 3:52
A13 教育 chris††† 1:21
A14 Lilith REVERB LITE 2:11
A15 JAPAN 2085 SPACE MAGIC スペース マジック 3:04
A16 青空 chris††† 2:31
B1 Vintage Elevator / Top Floor [ailani]Tropicana 0:39
B2 the feeling DeLorean.88. 2:50
B3 Get Ready Innerϟpeaker 2:45
B4 Widlt REVERB LITE 1:23
B5 hods intel 彼は愛することを望ん Vincent Remember 3:22
B6 t e l l i t t o t h e j u d g e. generation network 1:26
B7 新幹線 SEPHORA脳バイブス 2:00
B8 I WOKE UP Diskette Park 1:57
B9 sitdown&talk KING QUARTZ 1:10
B10 z'lectrik Childhood 3:52
B11 IBM Lotus Night Lindsheaven Virtual Plaza 4:02
B12 Kin II Midnight Survivor 2:28
B13 Cult YAYA Instrumentals 5:23
B14 In the Attic Mega Bunneh 4:22
B15 pacific DeLorean.88. 2:01
B16 B O Y ~ bl00dwave 2:23
B17 男の子フレンズ chris††† 3:58
B18 Goodbye Sample City Vista Kid Cruiser 2:49
Cassette 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C1 L A S T S U M M E R .nebula 3:41
C2 United Colors of 金 DELTA金TOPCO 2:40
C3 FEELIN' IT DJ iTunes 2:08
C4 リスニング 「94。20AM」in The Night's Dream Highway 悲しい Android Apartment feat. コンシャスTHOUGHTS 3:32
C5 幸せの施設 BLUNTSIDE 2:02
C6 Cut A Rug [email protected] 4:28
C7 Beauty Exchange Phoenix #2772 2:32
C9 Visions Of You コンシャスThoughts 3:14
C10 Highway Running NEON 3:08
C11 Condominium Living SYLLABUS 3:09
C12 Yankees Aloe Island Posse 2:47
C13 E X C U S E S Desired 3:04
C14 Midnight 夢 Dan Mason ダン·メイソン 2:56
C15 Hi High Future Girlfriend 3:18
C16 Beyondアイ Eliot the French Kid 3:07
C17 Me & You ID Cℎίℯƒ 3:21
D1 How I Feel About U~ Dante Mars Ajeto! 3:20
D2 Our Love Aloe Island Posse 2:30
D3 愛/MEETING POINT マクロスMACROSS 82–99 2:09
D5 With u girl コンシャスThoughts 4:21
D6 私の愛のすべて BLUNTSIDE 2:57
D7 Intercast インターキャスト vice*AIRバイス*空気自然の愛 1:39
D9 Westside Girl DJ iTunes X ID Cℎίℯƒ 3:10
D10 Unconditional David Love Not War feat. Craig Stickland 3:32
D11 Strangers Nouveau Cliché 4:41
D12 The Pocket White Woods 2:13
D13 Angel Eye Nouveau Cliché 4:17
D14 b a t h s a l t セクシー F L O R E S フラワーズ 4:34
D15 コア (Core) Roex 4:14
Cassette 3
# Title Artist Rating Length
E1 t h e s e h a n d s Virtual- 420 3:17
E2 Why Cobalt Road 2:30
E3 m i d i ロマンス Combo Reseller 2:58
E5 スリープdeprivation シルクP A N G E A 2:48
E6 Fall 4 U (Edit/Virtualscape) GR€G 3:35
E7 ❑ d r e a m s ❑ 静脈 v e n o 3:00
E8 estrogen yeongrak 3:15
E9 D U B W A V E Л е н ь 1:34
E10 introspection スカイ f a u n a 3:09
E11 Cadence ANIMAL // MOTHER 2:49
E12 ♕ G O N N A ' B E ♕ 静脈 v e n o 6:51
E13 Ultra Dreem generation network 2:07
E14 Unbound Lasertag 3:55
F1 GP-02 Roex 5:01
F2 Red Skys Windows彡96 4 4:48
F3 Teddy David Love Not War feat. Craig Stickland 1:50
F4 letting yourself go chris††† 3:26
F5 Sinto Muito eleven eastern 2:26
F6 Mistrust Darksleep 2:16
F7 Through A Wormhole Ursula's Cartridges 4:56
F8 Unknown Artist Welcome1 2:36
F9 NO FEAR §E▲ ▓F D▓G§ 3:00
F10 don't you dare speak now Pursuing Paradise 3:26
F11 Auroral Eyes Ursula's Cartridges 6:09
F12 A Priori eleven eastern 2:34
F14 4 sbwy 2:20


Cassette 2

Adam Wawzonek (track D13)
Adam Wawzonek (track D13)
guitar and synthesizer:
Adam J Wawzonek (track D11)
Adam Wawzonek (tracks D11, D13)
Adam Wawzonek (tracks D11, D13)
Adam Wawzonek (track D13)
Adam J Wawzonek (track D11)
Adam Wawzonek (track D13)
Adam J Wawzonek (track D11)
Adam Wawzonek (track D13)
I Think You Know by Klique (track D1)
Take My Love by Melba Moore (track C13)
recording of:
Angel Eye (track D13)
Strangers (track D11)

Cassette 3

White Gavri’el (track F2)
recording of:
Red Skies (track F2)