Where most music is made to create emotion in the listener, this album of atmospheric tunes is emotion. The tracks on this album are influenced by a range of genres and styles such as drum and bass, electronic music and experimental music. The album begins all dark and ends more upbeat and cheerful, remaining atmospheric the whole time. So if you don't like the first track, try another. Feedback would be great.

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CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 I Am Rust 2:29
2 I Appear to Disappear 1:35
3 Mechanical Being 3:02
4 Diminished 4:23
5 Lost Dreams 5:26
6 Sweetness Gone 4:57
7 Industrial Deep Sleep 6:32
8 Parasite 2:32
9 Hours Pass 4:16
10 Time Just Skips Along 5:14