CD 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Stay 5 3:26
2 Forget About It 3 3:29
3 It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference 4 4:27
4 Maybe 5 3:47
5 Empty Hearts 4 3:24
6 Never Got Off the Ground 5 3:40
7 Ghost in This House 4 4:00
8 It Don’t Matter Now 5 2:49
9 That Kind of Love 4 3:43
10 Could You Lie 4 2:54
11 Dreaming My Dreams With You 5 4:28


CD 1

Allen Reynolds (track 11)
Todd Rundgren (track 3)
Pat Bergeson (track 9)
Ron Block (track 10)
Larry Byrom (track 1)
Michael Johnson (singer, songwriter & guitarist) (track 5)
Gordon Kennedy (US country/bluegrass songwriter/musician) (track 4)
Phil Madeira (track 4)
David Mallett (singer songwriter) (track 6)
Michael McDonald (R&B & soul singer) (tracks 5, 8–9)
Danny O’Keefe (track 6)
Hugh Prestwood (track 7)
Allyson Taylor (track 1)
Allen Reynolds (track 11)
Todd Rundgren (track 3)
Fiction Music Inc. (track 3)
Humanoid Music (track 3)
Screen Gems–EMI Music, Inc. (USA, affiliated with BMI) (track 3)
Warner–Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (publisher; do NOT use as release label) (track 3)
later releases:
cover recording of:
Empty Hearts (track 5)
Off the Ground (track 6)
recording of:
Could You Lie (track 10)
Forget About It (track 2)
Maybe (track 4)
Stay (track 1)
That Kind of Love (track 9)


mixer and engineer:Gary Paczosa
additional engineer:Sandy Jenkins (engineer)
Thomas Johnson (engineer/mastering)
Tim Waters
producer:Alison Krauss
mastering:Doug Sax
accordion:Joey Miskulin
acoustic guitar:Ron Block
Dan Tyminski
acoustic guitar and electric guitar:Pat Bergeson
dobro and lap steel guitar:Jerry Douglas (US guitar and dobro player)
double bass:Viktor Krauss
double bass and electric bass guitar:Barry Bales
drums (drum set):Jim Keltner
Kenny Malone (American blues drummer Kenny Kimbrough)
fiddle and strings and background vocals and lead vocals:Alison Krauss
mandolin:Sam Bush (bluegrass fiddler/mandolinist)
piano:Matt Rollings (American composer, musician and record producer)
background vocals:Barry Bales
Ron Block
Sam Bush (bluegrass fiddler/mandolinist)
Evelyn Cox
Sidney Cox
Suzanne Cox
Lyle Lovett
Dolly Parton
Dan Tyminski
ASIN:US: B00000JMCL [info]