12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 C'est si bon 2:54
A2 April in Paris 3:35
A3 Mimi 2:26
A4 Darling, je vous aime 3:20
A5 La Vie En Rose 2:26
A6 The Poor People of Paris 3:00
B1 The River Seine 2:23
B2 The Last Time I Saw Paris 2:48
B3 Mam'selle 3:27
B4 C'est magnifique 2:39
B5 Gigi 3:39
B6 I Love Paris 3:02


12" Vinyl 1

Cole Porter (composer) (track B4)
Anna Sosenko (1935) (track A4)
Cole Porter (composer) (1953) (track B6)
Edmund Goulding (track B3)
Jerome Kern (track B2)
Frederick Loewe (track B5)
Louiguy (track A5)
Richard Rodgers (track A3)
Vernon Duke (1932) (track A2)
Henri Betti (1947) (track A1)
Mack Gordon (track B3)
Oscar Hammerstein II (collab with Rodgers) (track B2)
Lorenz Hart (track A3)
Alan Jay Lerner (track B5)
Édith Piaf (track A5)
Cole Porter (composer) (track B4)
Jerry Seelen (track A1)
Yip Harburg (1932) (track A2)
Anna Sosenko (1935) (track A4)
Cole Porter (composer) (1953) (track B6)
Mack David (track A5)
Chappell & Co., Inc. (tracks A4, B6)
Chappell Music Ltd. (tracks A2, B5)
Chappell (company that specialized in library and production music) (track B6)
Francis Day S.A. (track A4)
Leo Feist, Inc. (track B3)
Warner/Chappell (track B5)
Warner/Chappell North America Limited (formerly incorporated as Marmalade Music Ltd., from 1968/09/19–1999/11/09) (track B6)
ピアーミュージック (Japan, subsidiary of Nichion) (track A5)
part of:
Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 14) (order: 8) (track B2)
Academy Award for Best Original Song (number: 31) (order: 25) (track B5)
cover recording of:
C’est si bon (English version) (track A1)
I Love Paris (Can-Can [Pistache, Company]) (track B6)
Mimi (from 1932 film "Love Me Tonight") (track A3)
is the basis for:
C’est magnifique (German version) (track B4)
J'aime Paris (track B6)
later parody versions:
later translated versions:
C'est magnifique (track B4)
Darling je vous aime beau (French version) (track A4)
I Love Paris (French version) (track B6)
Mimi (film "Aimez-moi ce soir") (track A3)
later versions:
Gigi (French version) (track B5)
J'aime Paris (track B6)
Rose Tinted (track A5)
medley of:
La Vie en rose (French original) (track A4)
part of:
Can‐Can (track B6)
Can‐Can (1960 musical film) (tracks B4, B6)
High Society (stage musical) (track B6)
Gigi (full musical) (order: 12) (track B5)
recording of:
April in Paris (track A2)
C’est magnifique (Can-Can [Pistache, Judge Aristide Forestier]) (track B4)
Gigi (Gigi) (track B5)
La Vie en rose (English translation) (track A5)
Mam'selle (track B3)
referred to in medleys:
translated version of:
C’est si bon (original french version) (track A1)
La Vie en rose (French original) (track A5)