The mono mixes from the original masters. 11 Albums pressed on heavyweight 180 g vinyl. Replicas of the original LP sleeves and artwork, adding a 12×12 illustrated 108 page hardback book.

These are the 1st time vinyls of the 2009 mono masters.

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12" Vinyl 1: Please Please Me
12" Vinyl 2: With the Beatles
12" Vinyl 3: A Hard Day’s Night
12" Vinyl 4: Beatles for Sale
12" Vinyl 5: Help!
12" Vinyl 6: Rubber Soul
12" Vinyl 7: Revolver
12" Vinyl 8: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
12" Vinyl 9: Magical Mystery Tour
12" Vinyl 10: The Beatles
12" Vinyl 11: The Beatles
12" Vinyl 12: Mono Masters
12" Vinyl 13: Mono Masters
12" Vinyl 14: Mono Masters



photography:Robert Freeman (photographer)
liner notes:Tony Barrow (press officer)
Kevin Howlett
mastering:Steve Berkowitz (A&R executive at Sony. Also credited as reissue producer)
Sean Magee (British mastering engineer) (in 2014)
manufactured by:Optimal Media GmbH (manufacturer; do NOT use as release label)
copyrighted by:Apple Corps Ltd. (for the label use Apple Records)
Calderstone Productions Limited
phonographic copyright by:Calderstone Productions Limited
mastered at:Abbey Road Studios in St John's Wood, Westminster, London (Greater London, which includes the City of London), England, United Kingdom
Discogs: [info]