Having played around Manchester and surrounding areas the band recently released their debut EP “Shut Your Eyes and See” recorded at 80Hertz studios. Known for creating albums from The Courteeners and Chase and Status and have also been enjoying airplay on BBC radio through BBC introducing.

After writing songs for over half a year, the band have grown in maturity as well as complexity and have crafted their own unique sound, combining indie riffs with powerful grunge choruses to create a melodic and quirky sound that sits nicely in the spectrum between Nirvana and the Arctic Monkeys. They have also bravely experimented with more modern instrumentation as heard on “Half a Day” which shows a haunting yet sensitive side to the band’s work compared to the brash and aggressive “Even Though”. “Cigarette Lighter” shows a dynamic move between Indie and Grunge all within one track, while EP opener “Bodies Confused...” sets the overall tone for the record.

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CD-R 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Bodies Confused Memories Misused 1:58
2 Even Though 4:03
3 Cigarette Lighter 2:35
4 Half a Day 3:01



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