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12" Vinyl 1
# Title Artist Rating Length
A1 Heat Of The Moment Willy DeVille ?:??
A2 Loneliness The Cripples ?:??
A3 Spy Boy John Hiatt ?:??
A4 When I Close My Eyes I See Blood Madelynn Von Ritz ?:??
A5 Lump The Mutiny ?:??
B6 Shakedown Rough Trade ?:??
B7 Pullin' My String Willy DeVille ?:??
B8 Lions Share Germs ?:??
B9 Hypnotize The Cripples ?:??
B10 It's So Easy Willy DeVille ?:??
12" Vinyl 2
# Title Artist Rating Length
C11 A-I-A Barre Phillips ?:??
C12 Waterwheel Ralph Towner ?:??
D13 Movement Barre Phillips ?:??
D14 Movement Egberto Gismonti ?:??
D15 The Ballad of Capt. Hymbad The Mutiny ?:??
12" Vinyl 3
# Title Artist Rating Length
E16 Throw It Away Germs ?:??
E17 Not All Right Germs ?:??
E18 I Hear The Laughter Germs ?:??
E19 Going Down Germs ?:??
E20 My Tunnel Germs ?:??
E21 New York Street Rap The Cripples ?:??
F22 Hepcat The Cripples ?:??
F23 Hurry Rough Trade ?:??
F24 Long Distance Runner Rough Trade ?:??
F25 Don't Let It Get To Your Head Rough Trade ?:??
F26 Reality The Mutiny ?:??
F27 How's Your Loose Booty? The Mutiny ?:??
F28 How Will It Be Tomorrow? The Mutiny ?:??


12" Vinyl 1

drums (drum set):
Don Bolles (drummer in The Germs) (track B8)
John Hiatt (track A3)
lead vocals:
Willy DeVille (tracks A1, B7, B10)
John Hiatt (track A3)
Jack Nitzsche (track B8)
Darby Crash (track B8)
Willy DeVille (tracks A1, B7, B10)
Pat Smear (track B8)
phonographic copyright by:
USM (for ℗ & © use only; Universal Strategic Marketing, a division of Universal Music B.V.) (2015) (tracks A1, B7, B10)
BMG Bumblebee (track A3)
Bilt Publishing Co. (track A3)
recording of:
Heat of the Moment (track A1)
It’s So Easy (track B10)
Lions Share (track B8)
Pullin’ My String (track B7)
Spy Boy (track A3)