12" Vinyl 1
# Title Rating Length
A1 (Alla En) El Rancho Grande 2:21
A2 Mañana 2:35
A3 Tangerine 2:09
A4 South of the Border 1:55
A5 In a Little Spanish Town 2:36
B1 What a Difference a Day Made 2:49
B2 Magic is the Moonlight 2:42
B3 Always in my Heart 2:48
B4 Besame Mucho 2:30
B5 La Paloma 3:04


12" Vinyl 1

Sebastián Iradier (track B5)
María Grever (tracks B1, B1–B2)
Victor Schertzinger (track A3)
Consuelo Velázquez (track B4)
Mabel Wayne (track A5)
Stanley Adams (US lyricist & songwriter) (tracks B1, B1)
Sebastián Iradier (track B5)
Sam M. Lewis (US singer and lyricist) (track A5)
Johnny Mercer (track A3)
Joe Young (US lyricist) (track A5)
Charles Pasquale (Songwriter) (track B2)
Sunny Skylar (track B4)
Dave Barbour (track A2)
Michael Carr (songwriter) (track A4)
Jimmy Kennedy (track A4)
Peggy Lee (jazz vocalist) (track A2)
EMI Music Publishing (do not use as a release label!) (tracks B1, B1)
Estate of Stanley Adams (tracks B1, B1)
Maurice Music (tracks B1, B1)
Stanley Adams Music (tracks B1, B1)
La Paloma (catch-all for unknown versions and arrangements) (track B5)
La Paloma (transcription for guitar) (track B5)
cover recording of:
is based on:
Cuando vuelva a tu lado (tracks B1, B1)
is the basis for:
later parody versions:
La Krautoma (track B5)
later translated versions:
Die tijd... (track B5)
I Mexikos land (track A4)
La Colombe (La Paloma) (track B5)
La Paloma (swedish lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (italian translation) (track B5)
La Paloma (german lyrics, Fischer-Chöre "Der Wind weht die Wellen…") (track B5)
La Paloma (1934 german lyrics "Ahoi, so tönt es weithin übers Meer…") (track B5)
La Paloma (turkish lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (track B5)
La Paloma (hungarian lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (basque lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (estonian lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (filipino lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (1944 German lyrics, „Ein Wind weht von Süd…“) (track B5)
La Paloma (finnish lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (english lyrics "When I left Havanna…") (track B5)
La Paloma (german lyrics, "Mich rief es an Bord…") (track B5)
La Paloma (greek lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma (english lyrics "Her Smile…") (track B5)
La Paloma (You Tell Me Yes, You Tell Me No) (english lyrics) (track B5)
La Paloma Adieu (french lyrics) (track B5)
Mabibi na Mabwana (track B5)
No More (track B5)
Wie damals in Paris (track A5)
later versions:
La Paloma (portuguese lyrics) (track B5)
Saus over bordet (track A4)
Voorbij (track B5)
recording of:
Bésame mucho (English lyric version by Sunny Skylar) (track B4)
La paloma (Spanish original) (track B5)
Magic Is the Moonlight (English version of 'Te quiero dijiste') (track B2)
Mañana (1948 song) (track A2)
Tangerine (1941 song) (track A3)
translated version of:
Bésame mucho (Bésame, bésame mucho como si fuera esta noche la última vez) (track B4)
version of:
Te quiero dijiste (aka "Muñequita Linda", "Mucho, mucho, mucho") (track B2)