Digital Media 1
# Title Rating Length
1 Saint Cecilia 3 3:42
2 Sean 4 2:11
3 Savior Breath 3 3:11
4 Iron Rooster 3 4:11
5 The Neverending Sigh 4 4:45


Digital Media 1

drums (drum set):
Taylor Hawkins (tracks 1–5)
bass guitar [bass]:
Nate Mendel (tracks 1–5)
Dave Grohl (tracks 2–5)
Chris Shiflett (tracks 1–5)
Pat Smear (tracks 1–5)
John Lousteau (track 4)
Dave Grohl (track 1)
Taylor Hawkins (track 4)
keyboard [keys]:
Rami Jaffee (tracks 1–2, 5)
Dave Grohl (track 4)
Taylor Hawkins (track 4)
guitar family:
Dave Grohl (track 1)
additional recording engineer:
John Ross Silva (tracks 1–3, 5)
assistant mixer:
John Lousteau (tracks 1–5)
background vocals:
Ben Kweller (track 1)
Taylor Hawkins (tracks 2, 4)
lead vocals [vocals]:
Dave Grohl (tracks 1–5)
James Brown (indie-rock engineer James 'Razors' Brown) (tracks 1–5)
recording engineer:
Kevin Szymanski (tracks 1–3, 5)
John Lousteau (track 4)
Dave Grohl (tracks 1–5)
Taylor Hawkins (tracks 1–5)
Rami Jaffee (tracks 1–5)
Nate Mendel (tracks 1–5)
Chris Shiflett (tracks 1–5)
Pat Smear (tracks 1–5)
phonographic copyright by:
Roswell Records, Inc. (2015) (tracks 1–5)
BMG Rights Management (US) LLC (not for release label use! file releases under its imprint "BMG Chrysalis" or "BMG Rights Management") (tracks 1–5)
Flying Earform Music (Foo Fighter Nate Mendel's publishing company) (tracks 1–5)
I Love the Punk Rock Music (Foo Fighter Chris Shiflett's publishing company) (tracks 1–5)
Kobalt Music (tracks 1–5)
Living Under a Rock Music (Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins's publishing company) (tracks 1–5)
MJ Twelve Music (tracks 1–5)
Ruthensmear Music (Foo Fighter Pat Smear's publishing company) (tracks 1–5)
recorded at:
Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas, United States (2015-10) (tracks 1–3, 5)
Studio 606 in Alexandria, Virginia, United States (2015-10) (track 4)
recording of:
Iron Rooster (track 4)
Saint Cecilia (track 1)
Savior Breath (track 3)
Sean (track 2)


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