Black CelebrationCD14
  • GB1986-03-17
Black CelebrationCD14
  • GB1986-03-17
Black Celebration12" Vinyl11
  • GB1986-03-17
MuteSTUMM 26
Black CelebrationCassette11
  • GB1986-03-17
Black CelebrationCD12
  • US1986-03-31
Sire Records9 25429-2075992542920
Black Celebration12" Vinyl11
  • JP1986-04-25
Black CelebrationCD14
Black CelebrationCD14
Labels7243 8 41801 2 6724384180126
Black Celebration12" Vinyl11
MuteINT 146.8184006751468188
Black CelebrationCD14
MuteINT 846.8184006758468181
Black CelebrationCD14
MuteMUTE INT 836.809724348401526
Black Celebration12" Vinyl11
TonpressSX-T 84[none]
Black Celebration (club edition)CD12
Mute, Sire RecordsW2 2542907599254292
Black CelebrationCD14
MuteCD STUMM 26, INT 836.8094006758368092
Black CelebrationCD11
Liberation Records (Australian label)D 304379399603043721
Black CelebrationCD14
Mute, Intercord7243 4 84015 2 6, CD STUMM 26, INT 836.809724348401526
Black CelebrationCD + DVD11 + 23
  • US2007-03-20
Rhino (reissue label)2-108604093624998754
Black Celebration (collectors edition)Hybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, multichannel) + DVD11 + 11 + 11 + 23
  • XE2007-03-26
Black Celebration (remastered)CD11
  • GB2007-03-26
Black Celebration12" Vinyl11
  • XE2007-04-02
Black CelebrationCD11
Rhino (reissue label)R2 25429081227934590
Black Celebration12" Vinyl11
Rhino (reissue label), Mute, Reprise Records (genuine label, not for bootleg use), Sire Records1-23788093624994626
Black Celebration (Remastered Collectors Edition)CD + DVD-Video11 + 23
  • XE2009-03-16
Mute5099969433320, DMCDX55099969433320
Black Celebration (remastered)CD11
  • XE2013-08-05
BMG Rights Management (use only if "BMG Rights Management" logo or company name used as imprint.), Mute, Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified)88883750682886444049191
Black CelebrationDigital Media12
Warner Music (global imprint of Warner Music Group, 'W' logo either with "Warner Music" or no text)
Black CelebrationCD + DVD-Video11 + 23
  • XE2014-01-28
BMG Rights Management (use only if "BMG Rights Management" logo or company name used as imprint.)88883770782888837707824
Black Celebration (deluxe)Digital Media22
Sony Music Entertainment International Ltd886445700923
Black CelebrationCD12
Mute (Bootleg version, pretending to be the real Mute), Sire Records (bootleg release label impersonating Sire Records)9 25429-2075992542920
Black CelebrationHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer) + DVD11 + 11 + 23
  • XE2007-03-26
Mute0094638416029, DMCD50094638416029


associated singles/EPs:A Question of Lust
A Question of Time
But Not Tonight
included in:The Complete Depeche Mode
part of:CFNY: Top 10 Albums of 1986 (number: 5) (order: 5)
supporting tours:Black Celebration Tour
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lyrics page: [info]
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Wikidata:Q734566 [info]

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