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  • CA2008-11-11
Big Machine RecordsORBM 7215823674731021
FearlessDigital Media13
  • CA2008-11-11
  • US2008-11-11
Big Machine Records843930001378
FearlessEnhanced CD15
  • US2008-11-11
Big Machine RecordsBMRATS0200843930001378
Fearless (Target exclusive)Enhanced CD + DVD-Video15 + 2
  • US2008-11-11
Big Machine RecordsBMRBTS0200857787001542
FearlessEnhanced CD15
Big Machine Records, Universal Music Australia17900770602517900776
Big Machine Records, Open Road RecordingsORBM 7310823674731021
  • AU2009-03-02
Big Machine Records, Universal Music Group International (manages UMG's offices in most countries outside of North America)17991190602517991194
  • IE2009-03-06
Big Machine Records602517952980
FearlessDigital Media19
  • IE2009-03-06
Big Machine Records
  • GB2009-03-09
Big Machine Records1795298602517952980
FearlessDigital Media19
  • GB2009-03-09
  • CA2009-03-17
Taylor Swift Karaoke: FearlessCD+G + DVD-Video13 + 13
  • US2009-03-31
Big Machine RecordsBMRATS0320843930001996
Fearless (international version)Digital Media16
  • DE2009-05-15
Big Machine Records602517976290
Fearless: Platinum EditionCD + DVD-Video19 + 11
  • CA2009-10-26
Big Machine Records, Open Road RecordingsORBM 7322823674732226
Fearless (platinum edition)Digital Media29
  • US2009-10-26
Big Machine Records602527273075
Fearless (platinum edition)CD + DVD-Video19 + 11
  • US2009-10-26
Big Machine RecordsBMRATS0250843930002900
Fearless: Platinum Edition (Target exclusive)CD + DVD-Video19 + 13
  • US2009-10-26
Big Machine RecordsBMRBTS0250843930002917
Fearless Platinum EditionCD + DVD-Video19 + 11
Big Machine Records, Universal Music Group International (manages UMG's offices in most countries outside of North America)2723034602527230344
Fearless Platinum EditionCD + DVD-Video19 + 11
  • XE2009-11-16
Big Machine Records, Universal Music Group International (manages UMG's offices in most countries outside of North America)602527230344602527230344
Big Machine Records97878809421019787880942101
Fearless Platinum EditionCD + DVD-Video19 + 11
Big Machine Records, Universal Music China, 星外星唱片00602527230344, GE0425C9787880945171
Big Machine Records0602517976290602517976290
Big Machine Records0602517984103(83)602517984103
Big Machine Records4605026701502
Fearless (Platinum Edition)CD + DVD-Video19 + 11
  • JP2010-01-20
Big Machine RecordsUICO-11804988005600035
  • JP2012-10-24
Big Machine RecordsUICY-204094988005724175
Fearless (Platinum Edition)2×12" Vinyl9 + 10
  • US2018-04-21
Big Machine RecordsBMRTS0250843930034659
Big Machine RecordsUICO-1165
Universal Music (plain logo: “Universal Music”)SIC-1276 / SIB-1009
Fearless - Entertainer Redefined (CMA Consideration)CD13
Big Machine Records[none]


associated singles/EPs:Fearless
Love Story
White Horse
You Belong With Me
part of:Grammy Award: Best Country Album nominees (number: 2010 winner) (order: 16)
Grammy Award: Album of the Year nominees (number: 2010 winner) (order: 56)
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reviews:https://www.bbc.co.uk/music/reviews/r2xm [info]
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Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/album/mw0000813082 [info]
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19-year-old Taylor Swift is something of a phenomenon in America. The story is ever so country: inspired by Faith Hill and Leanne Rimes, a 13-year-old girl persuades her parents to take her to Nashville. She then cunningly records a version of the national anthem, sends it to sporting events and gets to open the 2003 Tennis Open. A year later she's signed to Sony, and the whole family move to Nashville where she's re-signed to indie country label, Big Machine. Her debut album is still in the US album charts two years on, and Fearless is now triple platinum. But will it fare similarly in the UK?

Firstly, is this actually country music? While she cites the Dixie Chicks and Shania Twain as influences, she is definitely driving country squarely into pop's rightful parking space, with a couple of mandolins on the roof rack. Every song is polished to a high gleam; you can see your face in the production, and the playing and arrangements cannot be faulted.

But the album's lyrical palette has few colours: Swift deals in the prosaic imagery of high school boys, first dates with cars, and dating someone in the football team. This is swiftly followed by being jealous of cheerleaders, having an unrequited crush on the male friend, being bullied and having the greatest dad in the world who makes everything better. Oh, and wishing on a wishing star. And it's repetitive: She uses the phrase ''Face of an angel'' in Hey Stephen's chorus, only to to recycle it in the opening line of White Horse next.

The populist chord progressions do little to differentiate each song: one might be forgiven for imagining all 16 songs bleeding into one.

In fact, the album is so wholesome it veers into Stepford territory, and so musically conservative it makes Eva Cassidy look like Cruella DeVille. So edgeless it doesn't touch the sides, it's best left to pre-teens as an introduction to pop music. And possibly Republicans.