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1989 (deluxe edition)Digital Media19
  • CA2014-10-27
  • US2014-10-27
Big Machine Records843930013609
1989 (deluxe edition)Digital Media15
  • CA2014-10-27
Big Machine Records843930013623
1989 (deluxe edition)CD15
  • CA2014-10-27
Big Machine RecordsBMRBD0550E843930013869
  • XE2014-10-27
Big Machine Records0602537998906602537998906
1989 (D.L.X.)CD19
  • XE2014-10-27
  • GB2014-10-27
Big Machine Records0602537998913602537998913
  • XE2014-10-27
Big Machine Records0602547071668602547071668
1989 (deluxe)Digital Media19
  • JP2014-10-27
1989Digital Media13
  • MX2014-10-27
Universal Music (plain logo: “Universal Music”)602547066886
1989 (deluxe)Digital Media19
  • GB2014-10-27
Big Machine Records
  • US2014-10-27
Big Machine RecordsBMRBD0500A843930013500
1989Digital Media13
  • US2014-10-27
Big Machine Records843930013562
1989 (Target exclusive)CD19
  • US2014-10-27
Big Machine RecordsBMRBD0550A843930013593
  • XW2014-10-27
Big Machine Records4707166602547071668
1989Digital Media13
  • XW2014-10-27
Big Machine Records, LLC
1989 (D.L.X.)CD19
  • AU2014-10-28
Big Machine Records3799891602537998913
1989 (deluxe)Digital Media19
  • XE2014-10-28
Big Machine Records602537993765
1989 (デラックス・エディション)CD + DVD-Video19 + 8
  • JP2014-10-29
Big Machine RecordsPOCS-240094988005858542
1989 (通常盤)CD13
  • JP2014-10-29
Big Machine RecordsPOCS-240084988005858559
19892×12" Vinyl6 + 7
  • GB2014-12-08
Big Machine Records0602547092687602547092687
Taylor Swift Karaoke: 1989 (deluxe)Digital Media16
  • JP2015-01-12
Big Machine Records602547201539
1989 (44.1kHz/24bit)Digital Media13
  • US2019-05-17
Big Machine Records843930014811
1989 (deluxe edition, 44.1kHz/24bit)Digital Media19
  • US2019-11-01
Big Machine Records843930048717
Big Machine Records060254707166602547071668


associated singles/EPs:Bad Blood by Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar
Blank Space
New Romantics
Out of the Woods
Shake It Off
Wildest Dreams
covers:1989 by Ryan Adams
part of:The A.V. Club: The 50 best albums of the 2010s (number: 4) (order: 4)
Rolling Stone: The 100 Best Albums of the 2010s (number: 19) (order: 19)
Grammy Award: Best Pop Vocal Album (number: 2016) (order: 23)
Consequence of Sound: Top 100 Albums of the 2010s (number: 24) (order: 24)
NME’s Greatest Albums of The Decade: The 2010s (number: 31) (order: 31)
Stereogum: The 100 Best Albums of the 2010s (number: 69) (order: 69)
Grammy Award: Album of the Year nominees (number: 2016 winner) (order: 86)
Rolling Stone: 500 Greatest Albums of All Time: 2020 edition (number: 393) (order: 393)
Wikipedia:en: 1989 (Taylor Swift album) [info]
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/master/750386 [info]
lyrics page:http://lyrics.wikia.com/Taylor_Swift:1989_(2014) [info]
other databases:https://rateyourmusic.com/release/album/taylor_swift/1989/ [info]
Allmusic:https://www.allmusic.com/album/mw0002726289 [info]
Wikidata:Q17544553 [info]

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This album is one of my favourite albums all time. Taylor Swift's "1989" album was released on 27th October 2014. Ever since, I've been addicted to her songs. Although this album sounds a little like classic pop of 80 's but still has it's own persona.

One of my favourite songs in the album is "All You Had To Do Was Stay" as it has a catchy tune and the chorus was just amazing. It got stuck in my head for quite a while. "Wildest Dreams" is a song that personally relates to me quite well too. However, "Welcome to New York" was quite a surprise to me in the album as the song was a little retro and seemed quite unlike Taylor Swift's style. But, it is still fine to have some different feel in the album.

Overall, I think that the album is very good for people who likes to listen to pop with a little classical mixed into it. "1989" album is widely popular among teenagers or youths as some songs even relate to them. From love stories to tragedies and so on. The lyrics would definitely relate to many people and they would be able to feel the song deeply. Listen to this album whenever you're going through rough waves or happy moments during your love life!

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Well this album was a shock, unlike the others I have been listening to for a while now, Taylor's voice was different this time. She is just coming up all the time with new ideas! Some of the songs of the album like "I Know Places", and "Wildest Dreams" are just mesmerizing and their tunes so addicting that it just does not leave your brain for a long time. While some of her other songs were not quite that well and just had weird background music, "Welcome to New York" for an instance. But all in all, the album seems to be pretty nice :D