St. Elsewhere

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St. ElsewhereCD14
  • DE2006-04-24
Warner Music UK Ltd. (not for release label use!)25646 3267 2825646326723
St. ElsewhereDigital Media14
  • DE2006-04-24
Warner Music UK Ltd. (not for release label use!)
St. ElsewhereVinyl14
  • GB2006-04-24
Warner Music UK Ltd. (not for release label use!)25646 3267 1825646326716
St. ElsewhereCD14
  • GB2006-04-24
Downtown (imprint, subsidiary label of Downtown Music, LLC)8 2564-63267-2 3825646326723
St. Elsewhere (iTunes premium bundle)Digital Media16
  • XW2006-04-24
Warner Music UK (formerly Warner Records Ltd., a branch of WEA International)0825646360864
St. ElsewhereCD16
  • US2006-05-02
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)878037000320
St. ElsewhereDigital Media16
  • US2006-05-02
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)878037000665
St. Elsewhere12" Vinyl14
  • US2006-05-09
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)8 7803-70003-1 3878037000313
St. ElsewhereCD14
  • US2006-05-09
Downtown (imprint, subsidiary label of Downtown Music, LLC)8 7803-70003-2 0878037000320
St. ElsewhereCD14
  • AU2006-05-13
Warner Music Australia (AU subsidiary of Warner Music International since 1988)25646326729325583036880
St. ElsewhereCD14
  • GB2006-11-13
Warner Music UK Ltd. (not for release label use!)51011 8236 25051011823626
St. ElsewhereCD14
Downtown (imprint, subsidiary label of Downtown Music, LLC)CD 70003878037000320


associated singles/EPs:Smiley Faces
part of:Grammy Award: Best Alternative Music Album nominees (number: 2007 winner) (order: 17)
Rolling Stone: 100 Best Albums of the 2000s: pub_2011-07-18 (number: 87) (order: 87)
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Albums this hip don't usually spawn chart-conquering singles. But the success of "Crazy" should guarantee that this genre-bending record escapes the ghetto of 'underground cool'.

Gnarls Barkley are ex-Goodie Mob soul eccentric, Cee-Lo and underground masher-upper extraordinaire, Danger Mouse. While the latter is no stranger to infamy, being the man responsible for the legendary Grey Album bootleg, this is essentially Cee-Lo's first real taste of the mainstream, and it's about time too.

"Go Go Gadget Gospel" kicks St. Elsewhere off at full steam, with Cee-Lo hollering from the depths of his belly, as frenzied samples and beats clatter below. As the album progresses, DJ Danger Mouse's eclecticism astounds; calculated pinches of Motown, Flamenco, Funk, Dub and D'n'B all get thrown into the mix, without ever sounding overcooked.

On "Necromancing" Cee-Lo declares what is in effect an album mission statement, 'The production is progressive...the chords are cold-blooded murder." If there's any justice in the world, this album should sell by the truck-load.