Physical Graffiti2×12" Vinyl6 + 9
  • GB1975-02-24
Swan SongSSK 89400[none]
Physical Graffiti2×12" Vinyl6 + 9
  • US1975-02-24
Swan SongSS 2-200[none]
Physical Graffiti2×12" Vinyl6 + 9
Swan SongP-6317~8N[none]
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
  • JP1987-03-25
Swan Song55XD-661~24988014336338
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song289 400075679030221
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song7567-90302-2075679030221
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
  • JP1989-06-10
Swan Song32P2-2739~404988014727396
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song32P2-2739~404988014727396
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan SongA2-200075679030221
Physical Graffiti (Remastered)2×CD6 + 9
  • US1994-08-16
Swan Song92442-2075679244222
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song7567924422075679244222
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan SongA2 92442777499306028
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song7567-92442-2, 92442-2075679244222
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan SongSS 200-2075679030221
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
  • JP1995-12-21
Swan SongAMCY-4010, AMCY-4010~1, AMCY-40114988029401045
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song7567-92442-2075679244222
Physical Graffiti (digital remaster)2×CD6 + 9
  • JP2003-05-28
Swan SongWPCR-11616~74943674043996
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song7567 92442 5075679244253
Physical Graffiti (2005 Japanese remaster)2×CD6 + 9
  • JP2005-05-25
Swan SongWPCR-13135, WPCR-131364943674055845
Physical Graffiti2×Vinyl6 + 9
  • GB2006-03-06
Classic Records (audiophile reissues)SS2-200
Physical Graffiti8×12" Vinyl2 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2
Classic Records (audiophile reissues), Swan SongRTH 3001-45, SS 2-200[none]
Physical Graffiti (2008 Japanese remaster)2×CD6 + 9
  • JP2008-09-10
Swan SongWPCR-13135, WPCR-131364943674083787
Physical GraffitiDigital Media15
  • US2010-06-10
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), Rhino Atlantic (digital releases only!)603497906123
Physical Graffiti (限定Celebration Day Version)2×CD6 + 9
  • JP2012-11-28
Swan SongWPCR-14848, WPCR-148494943674133550
Physical Graffiti (mastered for iTunes)Digital Media15
  • US2012-12-20
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), Rhino (reissue label)603497926114
Physical Graffiti (3-CD 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)3×CD6 + 9 + 7
  • XE2015-02-23
Swan Song8122795794081227957940
Physical Graffiti (40th anniversary edition)2×12" Vinyl6 + 9
  • XE2015-02-23
Swan Song8122796578081227965785
Physical Graffiti (deluxe edition, 24bit/96kHz)3×Digital Media6 + 9 + 7
  • US2015-02-23
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)[none]603497894321
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
  • CA2015-02-24
Swan SongR2-535339[none]
Physical Graffiti (deluxe edition)3×CD6 + 9 + 7
  • CA2015-02-24
Swan SongR2-544659081227957940
Physical Graffiti (deluxe edition)3×CD6 + 9 + 7
  • US2015-02-24
Swan SongR2-544659081227957940
Physical Graffiti (deluxe edition, mastered for iTunes)3×Digital Media6 + 9 + 7
  • US2015-02-24
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint), Swan Song603497894314
Physical Graffiti (deluxe edition, 96kHz/24bit)Digital Media22
  • US2015-02-24
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)603497894321
Physical Graffiti (deluxe edition)3×12" Vinyl6 + 9 + 7
Swan Song8122795793081227957933
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9
Swan Song8122-79579-5, 8122795795081227957957
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9Swan SongCD 200075679030221
Physical Graffiti2×CD6 + 9BMG Direct Marketing, Inc. (BMG company that owned their direct marketing company/club editions), Swan SongD 212318, SS 200-2[none]
Physical Graffiti (USL VT remastered reissue)2×CD6 + 9
KronStudioLab InternationalKSLCD-012-LZ06, KSLCD-012-LZ07[none]


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By 1975 no one was bigger or heavier than Zeppelin. America was punch drunk after the quadruple whammy of their first four albums, each supported by tours that went from scene-stealing support slots to stadium-filling three-hour marathons, almost overnight. Even the slightly below average (ie: one or two sub-par tracks) *Houses Of The Holy *(1973) hadn't dented their reputation one jot. The world, and its attendant pleasures, was theirs for the taking. At this point most modern bands would take 5 years off and forget each others' names. What did Robert, Jimmy, John Paul and Bonzo do? Produced a double album that some still hold to be their best of all time.

Admittedly, a fair amount of Physical Graffiti *was composed of offcuts and work-in-progress from their previous two albums (cf "Houses Of The Holy") though these were offcuts startling quality. But what really shines out is the sheer genre-defying eclecticism of it all. Far more than just a crowd-pummelling hard rock act with the world's beefiest rhythm section, these boys were able to do everything from folk (''Bron Y Aur'') and blues ("In My Time Of Dying") to country rock ("Down By The Seaside") and barrelhouse rock 'n' roll ("Boogie With Stu"). In fact *Graffiti serves pretty much as a primer of the band's entire oeuvre.

And amongst these flights of dexterity we get some of the band's best-loved numbers of all-time. "Trampled Underfoot", driven by Jones' stomping Fender Rhodes pulls off the remarkable trick of being both heavy AND funky as hell. "Custard Pie" and "The Rover" are monster axe workouts, and of course "Kashmir" is still a juggernaut of incredible power: a blend of east and west inspired by Page and Plant's mystical wanderings and underpinned by Bonham's legendary rumble, famously captured in all its ambient glory in the huge hallway of Headley Grange Manor. And it all came wrapped in one of those fabulously intricate die-cut sleeves that make all people of a certain age long for a return to the glory days of vinyl.

Nick Kent's review in the NME casually mentioned that by this point Zep could seemingly turn this stuff out in their sleep. He was right. Six years of touring and recording had honed them into an unstoppable force, but tragedy lay in wait around the corner in the form of death, drug abuse and changing tastes. But *Physical Graffiti * remains a towering monument to the glory of Zeppelin in their high-flying heyday.