It’s Blitz!

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It's Blitz!Digital Media11
  • GB2009-03-08
It’s Blitz!Digital Media15
  • GB2009-03-08
It's Blitz!Digital Media12
  • US2009-03-10
It's Blitz!Digital Media16
  • US2009-03-10
Interscope Records
It’s Blitz!CD14
  • US2009-03-31
Interscope RecordsB0012823-02602527016009
It’s Blitz!12" Vinyl10
  • US2009-03-31
Interscope RecordsB0012735-01602527016016
It's Blitz!CD10
  • DE2009-04-03
Dress Up2701650602527016504
It’s Blitz!CD10
  • XE2009-04-06
Dress Up, Geffen Records1799713602517997134
It’s Blitz!CD14
  • XE2009-04-06
Dress Up2701921602527019215
It's Blitz!CD10
  • FR2009-04-06
It's Blitz!12" Vinyl10
  • GB2009-04-06
Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)2702576602527025766
It’s Blitz!Enhanced CD10
  • GB2009-04-13
Dress Up, Geffen Records1799713602517997134
It’s Blitz!CD10
  • US2009-04-14
Interscope RecordsB0012735-02602527001883
It’s Blitz!Enhanced CD15
  • JP2009-04-15
Geffen Records, Polydor (worldwide imprint, see annotation)UICP-11094988005554598
It's Blitz!CD14
Modular Recordings (Australian label)MODCD1050602527016504
It's Blitz!CD14
Interscope RecordsB001282302602527016009


artist & repertoire support:Louie Bandak
associated singles/EPs:Heads Will Roll
part of:Jeff Rogers: Top Fifteen Albums of 2009 (number: 2) (order: 2)
Filter Magazine: Top Ten Albums of 2009 (number: 5) (order: 5)
Criminal Records Jameson: Top Ten Albums of 2009 (number: 6) (order: 6)
Michael Joffe: Top Ten Albums of 2009 (number: 7) (order: 7)
Liza Richardson’s Top 10 Albums of 2009 (number: 10) (order: 10)
Grammy Award: Best Alternative Music Album nominees (number: 2010) (order: 21)
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Three years on from Show Your Bones, It's Blitz! sees the Yeah Yeah Yeahs getting their mojo back, albeit at the expense of any decent work rate. Rumours of a new direction turn out to be a worrying adoption of dancefloor synths, but underneath the mirrorball trappings there's still the slightly grimy post punk thrill. It's the sound of Karen O and co. growing up.

Using producers Dave 'Ubiquitous, moi?' Sitek and Nick Launay means that It's Blitz retains enough of the old YYYs while acknowledging the 36 months that have passed. The heartache that made Show Your Bones a little too patchy and introspective has been replaced by a calmer, more thoughtful approach to both lyrics and arrangements. First track and single Zero comes all dressed up in the somewhat tired and bedraggled garb of electroclash (though it's weirdly more Pet Shop Boys than DFA) as does the following Heads Will Roll which dabbles in Studio 54 hedonism (''the men cry out the girls cry out, oh no'') with its Blondie-in-Moroder-mode thump. To deny their excitement is futile, though you can't escape the nagging feeling that something's too generic here. The growl of bass sequencers is best appreciated on the later Shame And Fortune where Nick Zinner's processed-to-hell guitars underpin a truly invigorating stop start ride.

On Skeleton the real stuff has kicks in and Karen O's yelps have softened into a Nena-style (as in 99 Red Balloons, and trust me this is a good thing) lamenting croon. Dull Life shows how it's drummer Brian Case who's often the driving force here - he's the living reincarnation of the spirit of Echo And The Bunnymen's Pete De Freitas - all rumbling toms and tribal assault. By this point resistance is futile.

At its heart, It's Blitz! is great power pop. The formula of quiet building to epic proportions is perhaps overplayed by the time you get to Little Shadow. Which is a shame because it's a truly moving end piece. Whatever, it'll be interesting to see how they translate this more widescreen sound into live shows. If you add up the sum of its parts It's Blitz! is a triumphant return for New York's finest.